Funny Friday – cats and devils

Cats and devils… sometimes I think it’s one and the same. My cat is kind of crazy, he can be all pet-me-now at one minute and I’ll-kill-you the next. Lucky that after so many years I’ve learned to recognize this little change in his eyes just before he’s going to strike :P.

Today I’ve got two books – one rather new graphic novel (that I was supposed to review at least two months ago) and one that I’ve read a few years ago because the author always makes me laugh.

The Misadventures of Grumpy CatThe Misadventures of Grumpy Cat (and Pokey!)
authors: Ben McCool, Royal McGraw, Elliott Serrano, Ben Fisher, Steve Uy, Ken Haeser, Tavis Maiden, Agnes Garbowska

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I received this books from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

I was really surprised to see that Grumpy got her own graphic novel. Oh yes, Grumpy’s a girl. I admit I didn’t know that before. It might’ve been noted somewhere among all these funny meme’s, but who reads all these comments anyway ;). Continue reading “Funny Friday – cats and devils”