Top 5 Wednesday – Settings You Want to See More Of

imgresOooh, this is a good topic. Do you realize that most fantasy books are set in quite a similar world? Oh yes, there might be different monsters, names, views, but most of the time you’ve got the feel of old-time Europe. Why is that? Is it because that’s what we’re used to? Maybe the time had come to add some variety to the settings, culture, religions in our “fantasy” books. After all changing a name won’t get you far.

Today I’m choosing five setting that I’d wish to see more of, not by a certain book I’ve read, but rather by places and times inspired by our world that I find interesting. I wish to read fantasy or maybe science fiction novels with these types of settings. And why fantasy and sci-fi? Because I like these more :D. I might’ve read some contemporary reads and liked them, but I’ll always be faithful to fantasy. This is my genre of choice.

And if you know a book that fits some of these settings – let me know! I’d love to check it out :).


fantasy island

Oceania, or pretty much any set of islands that is not Caribbean ;). Well, they might be similar I guess but you get my drift – plenty of islands, not that many people, maybe even a whole planet that’s just filled with islands and no bigger continents? Floating cities created over water. And pirates? Yes sure, but not a must. Usually, when you think about this type of setting you also get a story about pirates, but do they have to go together? Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday – Settings You Want to See More Of”