Funny Friday – Discworld mania

YES! The day had come to finally praise Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett. There are one of the books I wish EVERYONE to read. At least some of them! And at least once ;).

In all, there are 41 books in this series plus several shorter stories and some companion books (like The Science of Discworld). I know, it’s a lot to handle, but they swallow you so easily you won’t even know when you’re reading the next story!

If you’ll check on my Goodreads page you’ll see I’ve marked only 17 books as “read” but it’s only because I’ve read some of them before I even knew Internet was fun :P. Well, just kidding, but It certainly was a while ago and since I don’t remember each and every story so well I’ve decided to only mark the ones I do.


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Spells, fairies and magical waters

I’ve started reading this book after I’ve already read the second part – Halfway Bitten, which was kind of great :D. Enough said, I simply couldn’t resist reading also the first book and since Terry offered it to me in exchange for review, how could I resist??

Anyway, that’s why we’re here now, with the story that started it all.

Halfway deadHalfway Dead (Halfway Witchy Series #1) by Terry Maggert

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I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

For these who haven’t read any of these books yet, it’s about time to meet Carlie – a witch, who just happens to work as a cook at the only diner in Halfway. Carlie’s enthusiastic, curious and she hates when someone talks bad about her cooking. When the opportunity comes to solve a mystery of a certain magical place and possibly save a spirit of her ancestor, she just can’t resist.

The story doesn’t start with a boom, it lets you immerse into the world, meet the important characters, find out some important things about the mysterious place Carlie intends to find. Continue reading “Spells, fairies and magical waters”

Magic, bodies and circus acts

Are you looking for an interesting book filled with powerful witches, vampires, shifters and a very mysterious circus group?

This was my first meeting with Carlie, Gran and Wulfric. I have a weakness for witches and vampires, so obviously I couldn’t resist this book :). As soon as I’ve started reading it I knew I won’t be disappointed.

Halfway BittenHalfway Bitten (Halfway Witchy Series #2) by Terry Maggert

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I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Halfway, a town where everything happens. It all starts with a circus, some unusual clowns, and few bloodless bodies. Carlie and Gran won’t allow some random killer mess up their family grounds. The problem is, they have to find him first.

The plot of this story revealed nicely and in just the right pace. All the pieces came together in proper moments. Carlie didn’t have to do everything by herself after she does have Gran and Wulfric to help. And since Carlie is still a witch in training there was also a moment when Gran tought her some new tricks. I liked that, it shows that the characters are still learning, they aren’t the know-it-all like in some stories. Continue reading “Magic, bodies and circus acts”

Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Self-Published Books

imgresOK, this is a troublesome topic. I have no idea which of the books I’ve read were self-published (if any), so what I did was I’ve sorted my books on Goodreads by the number of ratings and choose the ones that were published some time ago. I also skipped the Polish books, since they are only unknown on Goodreads and most of you wouldn’t be able to read them yet anyway. I wanted to find something interesting and fun that I enjoyed and that is easy to get through Amazon or Smashwords.

I know this solution isn’t perfect, but I will, at least, show you some of the less popular books that I enjoyed.


Hilda - the challengeHilda – The Challenge – This is the first book in Hilda series, but as much as I enjoyed the first two stories, I think this is the one that will make you want to read more about Hilda.

The witch from the title is fun, wicked and has some great adventures. And William – her new partner in crime in life is only now learning to use magic and getting to know this new, fantastic world. Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Self-Published Books”