2017 challenges and goals

Bookish goals

Read more of the older books – Right now I’ve got a sh..y ratio of read/unread books. I’m even ashamed of what it is since apparently, I’m horrible with reading ebooks that I bought, here’s what I need to work on:

  • owned paper books
  • owned electronic books
  • review copies I’ve already picked up

Read more books by the authors I liked – pretty much any or all of these:

Jim Butcher, Elżbieta Cherezińska, Terry Goodkind, D. E. Haggerty, Charlaine Harris, Cameron Jace, Kevin Hearne, Masashi Kishimoto, Peter Koevari, Gail Z. Martin, George R. R. Martin, Christopher Paolini, Jacek Piekara, Terry Pratchett, Rick Riordan, A.R. Reystone, Wilbur Smith, Agnieszka Wojdowicz, Andrzej Sapkowski,

Continue and/or finish series – again, any and all of these would be great 🙂

Chronicles of the necromancer, Discworld, Dresden Files, Dziewiąty mag, Illuminae Files, Inheritance cycle, Laughing in a Cloudy Sky, Legends of Marithia, Madly, Mordimer Madderdin, Naruto, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Ripple, Sookie Stackhouse, Song of Ice and Fire, Strażnicy Nirgali, Sword of Truth,

Read more paper books – look goal nr 1 :P. Here’s what my current ratio looks like, we’ll see how much it will change by the end of the year:


Change bought to read ratio to positive – for now, I’m buying more books that reading (what I bought) and I want to change that. I honestly haven’t counted them yet, but I’ll try to track my purchases from now on…

Don’t be afraid to DNF – pretty much self-explanatory

Goodreads challenge


Reviews and review copies

  1. Request fewer books from NetGalley and other sources
  2. Review at least 50% of books read

Health & knowledge

  1. Loose some weight
  2. Start exercising
  3. Cook at home more
  4. Continue learning Japanese

Non-bookish entertainment

  1. Finish building those models I have
  2. Play and finish as many of those PC games that I own
    1. Started:
      Risen 3: Titan Lords
      Joe Dever’s: Lone Wolf
  3. Watch all of Doctor Who episodes
  4. Make plenty of photos
  5. Visit a country I haven’t been to yet!

And look, I’ve already assembled one model:



  1. Comment more
  2. Plan better