A curious sci-fi noir mystery

Transient CityTransient City by Al Onia

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I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Curious… I’ve just re-read the book blurb and it seems far more exciting than the story I’ve read. It promises you some inner struggle for the main character, something I found lacking. Anyway, I didn’t start it well. The book is enjoyable and it has some good moments.

Yes, the beginning is rather slow but all the sci-fi part is interesting and rather well crafted. Author made it easy to imagine the world in which our characters are trying to survive. It did remind me a bit of “The Heartland Trilogy” with all the flying cities and boats and cruelty of the world around. But that’s about all the similarities you’ll get. You won’t stay on Earth on this book. The mining colony you’ll visit is a rough world not only because of the environment but also the cities, the people, the constant changes. It’s because of one of these changes – a city transfer of few people and their living compartments – Victor has to switch his job from being a Witness to slowly becoming a detective. Continue reading “A curious sci-fi noir mystery”