Top 5 Wednesday: Fictional Items You’d Give as Gifts

imgresChristmas are coming! I don’t know about you, but I still have few gifts to buy… It’s fascinating how little time for anything I have this year. Anyway, there are few fantastic items I wish were real, so I could wrap them up and make someone extremely happy.

5. Babel fish

babel-fishFrom Hitchhikers guide through the galaxy – a strange little creature that would make my job completely useless 😛

If you love to travel all over the Earth and beyond this fish is just what you need – an instant translation to and from any language.

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Monthly summary – August

This month has been half lazy and half reading break. Well, I did try to make up for all the days without books, so I kind of speed up my reading and ended up with the amount you’ll see bellow. It helped that I used many types of reads :).

So what did I accomplish in June?

  • Finished 19 stories: 3 graphic novels, 5 short stories, 5 audio books, 6 novels. Together a rather nice 3962 pages. I’m back on track! And 7 of these were finished or read during the last sunny weekend!
  • Average rating: 3.6
  • But the most important part of this month were my vacations :D. You know, the two weeks during which my blog was so silent and I was barely responsive :P. I had some good time biking, kayaking, gaming (board games are awesome!), sightseeing.
    Pity it always ends so fast.
    And even though I published so little this month, I still have almost as many visits from you guys as I had last month!
    You guys are fantastic!

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Top 5 Wednesday – Literary Fathers/Father Figures

imgresHa, I’m back! I was waiting for this topic to come :D. I found only two of June’s topics of interest and this is the first one – Father figures. It’s kind of strange that I find this topic so easy and appealing [or maybe it isn’t] and I was pretty much raised by my mom and grandma, but I can’t say I’ve been looking for father figures in books [or in real life for the matter of fact], they are simply there and they are awesome :D. I actually  had to limit this list a lot but don’t worry I’ll mention the ones that didn’t get a spot as honorable mentions :D.


bromBrom from “Eragon”

Yes, this guy! I know Eragon had an uncle etc, but let’s face it – Brom was way more interesting and a better teacher for him. He wasn’t perfect maybe, but he cared and had hopes for Eragon. He thought the boy some basics and protected him when he needed it most.

As for the photo – I know the movie wasn’t so good. In fact, it wasn’t good at all if you’ve read the book, but let’s face it – Irons is awesome in pretty much everything he does so him playing Brom was a great move :D. Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday – Literary Fathers/Father Figures”

Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Mothers/Maternal Figures

imgresWe’ve got this fantastic topic today and I’m so not in a mood for writing. But I want to. So it’s going to be short. As my sentences…

let’s move on…


Halfway deadDead Until DarkLet’s start with two fantastic grandmothers who raised two very interesting females. They did it alone. They did it well. They might’ve stayed in the background, only helping our heroines, teaching them and supporting. But these women wouldn’t be the same without their wonderful grandmothers. Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Mothers/Maternal Figures”