Guest post: Hyperspace Travel by Cindy Koepp

Hi guys! Today I’ve got for you something special – a guest post from Cindy Koepp. She had published her new Sci-Fi book not so long ago and it sounds quite interesting! And after reading this article I’m even more curious to read her books.


Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology: Hyperspace Travel

Faster-than-light (FTL) travel has been a staple of science fiction for decades. It comes in many forms. There’s Star Trek’s warp drive. Star Wars has a hyperdrive. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy brought us the Infinite Improbability Drive. Even Doctor Who’s TARDIS is used to travel fantastically great distances pretty quickly.

Popular Mechanics has rated the plausibility of 10 different sci-fi FTL systems here:


My favorite shows up in The Childe Cycle, a collection of novels and short stories by Gordon R. Dickson. He used the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. He didn’t call it that, but that’s what it amounts to. It’s complicated, but in general terms, you cannot know both the location and the vector of an object at the same time. If you know for sure where you are, you can travel as fast as you want. If you know your exact speed and direction, you can be anywhere you want. This sort of sounds like teleporting with your ship. Unfortunately, in The Childe Cycle, this ship-wide teleportation thing messes with human brains. That fact becomes important in one of the novels: Dorsai! Continue reading “Guest post: Hyperspace Travel by Cindy Koepp”


E. Chris Garrison’s Tipsy Fairy Tales Blog Tour featuring the novels Blue Spirit and Restless Spirit!


Engaging, fast paced and geeky – these are the words I’d use to describe these books. Skye makes an interesting heroine, not quite what you’d expect, especially since her special powers wake up only when she’s tipsy. It’s not easy to fight evil when you’re drunk :P.

I received both books from the publisher in exchange for honest reviews.

bluespirit_cover1200x800Blue Spirit

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Skye is a LARP gamer and she’s pretty good at imagining things, the problem is the fairy world she sees isn’t only in her head. And if you look into the fairy world the fairy world will see you too [oh yes, I couldn’t resist :P]. The new gamer in Skye’s group isn’t completely human and apparently she wants to destroy our heroine’s life. It’s going to be quite a challenge to keep everyone alive, get rid of the evil fairy queen and stay sane with all the booze flowing ;). Continue reading “E. Chris Garrison’s Tipsy Fairy Tales Blog Tour featuring the novels Blue Spirit and Restless Spirit!”

October review tour summary

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Since it’s the last day of my first review tour I’ve decided to create a little summary. I had an occasion to read 3 pretty good books and I’m very satisfied with them all.

Emma and The BanderwighEmma and the Banderwigh by Matthew Cox

A story about a ten year old girl who wants to be very responsible and forget about the fairies, monster and other imaginary things only the kids should believe. She find out that the world of stories might not be just in her Nan’s imagination and that something out there wants to get her.

My review | Goodreads | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Demon HeartDemon Heart by Emma L. Adams

A third book in a pretty good young-adult series about demons, sorcerers and a bunch of new college students with special powers. The whole series is worth reading and the last (for now) book is full of surprises and exciting events.

My review | Goodreads | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Otto Von TrapezoidOtto Von Trapezoid and the Empress of Thieves by Jesse Baruffi

A twisted and comic tale about two villains who want to take over the world and end up falling in love. This book is AWESOME! Great sense of humor, fantastic battles, interesting plot and great characters.

My review | Goodreads | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Review tour – Emma and the Banderwigh by Matthew Cox

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How about I tell you a story of a young girl, who wanted to be all grown up and decided to stop believing in fairies, magic and monsters and then one day something unusual happened to her. Something scary, that will make her reconsider her new beliefs.

Emma and the Banderwigh by Matthew CoxEmma and the Banderwigh by Matthew Cox

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You can find this book on Goodreads.

I received this copy from the publisher via Curiosity Quills in exchange for an honest review.

Book blurb:

Ten-year-old Emma doesn’t believe in faerie tales or monsters that secret children away in the night—until she meets one.

She lives in a quiet village at the edge of Widowswood with her parents, her Nan, and her little brother, Tam. Ready to abandon the whimsy of childhood, she finds the boredom of chores comforting and Nan’s fanciful bedtime stories silly.

One morning, a wan and weary older girl staggers out of the woods and sets the entire town aflutter with whispers of a child-stealing monster lurking in the forest. Nan tells her of the Banderwigh: a dark soul who feeds on sorrow and drains the life from children’s tears.

Darkness comes calling on Emma’s happy home, threatening the reality to which she desperately clings. The impossible becomes more and more real, forcing Emma to reach inside herself for the ability to believe. Her family depends on it.

Little Emma is trying so hard to be a responsible, clear-thinking girl. She wants to behave like an adult, doesn’t want to believe in monsters. But why would she? She’s still a child, why not let herself behave like one? Maybe she’s just scared, or maybe she wants to help her mom. Little does she know her mother more than believes in the strange creatures and magic, she knows it all exists. Continue reading “Review tour – Emma and the Banderwigh by Matthew Cox”