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Current review acceptance status

Due to my current aversion to ebooks it’s most likely I won’t be accepting many review requests in near future. Sure you can try, I will always check your offer, but I’m concentrating on reading my lovely paper books and audiobooks I got access to.

If you’re interested in an interview or some sort of guest post – let me know! If I’ll like your idea and if it will fit my blog we might get it published here and count for some views :).

Why do I post my reviews here?

I love reading books and although I’ve got friends who also love reading, we usually can’t find many books in common. All of us have already established their favorite genre, type or reads, and reading lists. And since I want to share my opinion with people who might have similar taste in books, who also read at least some of them and will tell me what they though.

At first, it was only Goodreads. I wrote some short comments to some of the books I particularly liked or disliked. Few times I got in contact with some of the authors and even received a few ARC copies of their stories to review.

What really made me start this blog, what motivated my constant need to share my opinion about my reads was NetGalley. The richness of fresh books at my reach. If only publishers will agree, you can have a full library of books lasting you for life. The only thing you need to do in return is to write and share your thoughts about the book you just read. How could I resist?

What can you expect from me?

My reviews will be honest. I will not write that a book was awesome if I didn’t like it. I will do my best to explain what I liked and what I didn’t in the book.

I will publish my review here, on Goodreads and share it on Twitter, Facebook, and several Google+ communities. I might not have many followers yet, but the G+ communities I’m using to share my reviews have from around 5k to over 30k followers. Oh, and let’s not forget Amazon – I’ll publish my reviews there too as long as the books are available.

Posting schedule

Just to make it clear – I might not keep strictly to that schedule, but I’ll do my best. I don’t want to post more than once a day, but it might happen if needed, for example if I’ll join a blog tour again :).

  • Monday’s book review – to start the week well I’ll post reviews of the novels I’ve read on Monday. Hopefully each Monday.
  • Top 5 Wednesday – for each week of the year a certain theme is chosen and if you want to, you can join in and write or record a post with your list of five favorite things. Check the group info here.
  • Thursday’s BBC news – this one will be posted either weekly or bi-weekly if I won’t have the time or if I won’t find any new drama worth mentioning. And yes, it’s all about BBC radio that I tend to listen to through the Internet. They have plenty of good book dramatizations and radio plays.
  • Funny Friday – I’ve started this little post series due to one interesting Tuesday topic I’ve seen around one day. Here I will be presenting 2-3 books or series that made me laugh or picked up my mood for some reason.
  • You’re It Saturday – the beginning of the glorious weekend and the need for some light post made me assign this day as the one on which I’mm post the tags and awards the awesome co-bloggers sent in my direction :). I’m so grateful for each and every one of these!
  • Sunday with color – Since the weekend is short, but still needs some pleasurable moments I’m adding a coloring book review here. This one won’t be a regular as I’ve decided I want to include pages colored by me to the posts. I might write a review once or twice a month and it will show up on Sunday. Just to close the week with a nice, colorful accent.
  • or Graphic Sunday – here’s the day I’ll be posting all my graphic novels reviews. Well, it might not be the only day, but with one comic review a week you can expect it to show up on Friday.

What’s my rating system?

I’d like to say that I’m using a 5-star system, but the truth is I often find it lacking. That’s why you might see some half-stars here and there. If you really need to limit yourself to those 5 stars, you can alway check my post tags – it will show if my rating was closer to higher or to a lower rating. Anyway, here it is:

full-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-star – The book was awesome! I loved everything about it. The story was great, characters were interesting and everything was well written. I will recommend it with a clear conscience.

full-starfull-starfull-starfull-starempty-star – The book was good, but it had some minor issues, or maybe it didn’t fell into my reading spot, or something in this book just didn’t fit. I might recommend it to some people.

full-starfull-starfull-starempty-starempty-star – An OK read. This books had nothing that particularly caught my attention. There was nothing special about it, but it was interesting enough to keep me reading and maybe even like it a little.

full-starfull-starempty-starempty-starempty-star – This book was rather disappointing. Maybe it had some language issues or it was simply boring. Maybe the ending was wrong or the characters underdeveloped. I probably finished it due to the lack of other reads at the moment or because I was stubborn enough to last until the end.

full-starempty-starempty-starempty-starempty-star – WOW, that was bad! Stay away from this book. There’s simply nothing good about it. I don’t know how it was ever published. It could use some serious edition… like taking the whole text from it and replacing it with something good.

I know the last point seems harsh. Trust me, the book has to be really bad to get the one-star rating from me.

What kind of books will I read?

  • Well, I usually go for anything fantastic, paranormal and magical.
  • I love mythical creatures, out-worldly adventures, strange humanoid races and dragons :).
  • I prefer action and adventure over romance, but a romantic subplot is always a nice touch.
  • I won’t turn down a good historical novel or a mystery.
  • I like young adult fiction, children stories, and fairy tales.
  • I also read mangas and graphic novels from time to time.
  • You will also find Coloring books for adults reviews here as soon as I’ll finish coloring, at least, few pages from each :).
  • From time to time, I might go out of my comfort zone and read something completely different but it will usually be my choice and not by request.

The might be some exceptions it I’ll find a book especially interesting, but these will only be the case of the books I’ve bought or received. I will not accept other types of books for review because I simply don’t want to give a bad review about a book simply because it wasn’t my kind of read.

What will you not find in my library?

With maybe a few exceptions 😉

  • Plotless hot and steamy romances or erotica – because smart people falling for each other are way better than simple sex scenes.
  • Stephen King‘s books – sorry but I simply can’t get through his writing style.
  • Christian fiction – for some reason I haven’t found a book from this category that I liked yet, maybe it’s the lack of magic?
  • Biographies – because I’d rather escape from reality in my reads then read about a real person’s life. I might make an exception for DaVinci and Tesla 😛 but it would have to be a well written one.
  • Nonfiction books – again, I prefer books that take me to new worlds rather than describing the depressing events of our own world. And yes, I know not all nonfiction books are like that, but I still don’t like reading these.
  • Horror and other super creepy and full of blood reads – I just don’t like it

Interested in sending me your review request?

Please have in mind that I’m just one person with a full-time job. As much as I’d like it I don’t have that much time to read during the day. Because of that, I might not accept your request. Do not be offended if it will happen. I will write my reasons in response.

I do my best to finish every book I receive, but I don’t promise any deadlines. As I already mentioned I don’t have too much time to read. It’s usually 2-3 hours a day. I can go through quite many pages in that time, but I won’t manage a book a day (unless it’s a graphic novel or manga).

I will also need few more days to write and polish my review before it gets published.

I read in Polish and in English. Polish is my main language, but most of the books I read, since I’ve bought my first Kindle, were in English.

As you could deduce from the previous paragraph I’m reading books in Kindle format (.mobi files) and paper books. If You intend to send me your book it would have to be in one of these formats. I bet it will be .mobi since not many authors are willing to send their paper editions far away to Poland ;). In a case of mangas and graphic novels, I will accept PDF file, but that’s the only exception.

What should you include in your request?

  • the title of your book
  • link to Goodreads or Amazon or any other page where I can check the plot and maybe the book sample
  • book release date if it’s an ARC, in this case, I will consider reviewing it before other, already published books

If you have any other questions?

TV-Kitty-icon2Feel free to leave a comment or use the contact form bellow. I’ll consider adding it as a FAQ to this page.


2 thoughts on “Review policy

  1. I see Christian fiction on your won’t read list and I usually don’t read them as well but if you’d like to give one a try some day, I suggest The Curse of Crow Hollow by Billy Coffey. It hints at the supernatural and is a bit creepy but not so much as to make you very uncomfortable and unable to sleep. It’s also not preachy, well, except for a short chapter at the end but by then you can skip it.


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