Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Underrated Books

imgresWell hello there! Here’s another Wednesday with another list to fill in :). This time it’s about those special books (or series as it will be in my case) that are either unknown or lie forgotten, even though they used to be famous. Let me remind you of few of my favorites and feel free to tell me if you remember any of these or what books or series would you pick for today’s list!

5. Artefacts of Power by Maggie Furey 


Four short books that I found during some vacations with my friend. Well, we found three of them and I still can’t get my hands on the last volume which is extremely frustrating!

Stories about lady Mage journeying through the magical lands, fulfilling the quest to save her homelands. Even though each of these books is short, it is filled with excitement and overflowing magic.

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Slavic legends at their finest

I normally wouldn’t do a whole review of a book that’s still only available in Polish, but this one is so good! Not perfect, but very good and I can’t wait for the next part… somewhat because of the ending.

Big thanks to my friend who lent it to me!!!

Idź i czekaj mrozów [When the frost comes] by Marta Krajewska

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A land where all of the Slavic myths are alive, where a Wolf Valley is guarded by one person who takes care not only of the inhabitants’ health but also hunts the monsters that come too close. It so happens that the previous Guardian dies and Venda – his student and adopted daughter has to take over. Continue reading “Slavic legends at their finest”

Top 5 Wednesday: 2017 Releases You Are Excited For

I could not be vegetarian and vegan sounds even more horrific. I love animals, but there are boundaries… like food 😛 I love food. I just had this nice breakfast with boiled eggs, onions and bacon stripes and I’m happy :D. It was also horrifically caloric, but with the temperatures between -15°C and -20°C lately I feel inclined to eat more 😛 and I really don’t care. Did I mention I love food? Now I only need some coffee and I can start working.

That was the random thought for today brought to you by calories 😛

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Indian legends, ghosts and space pirates – graphic novel mash-up

Today I’m bringing you three graphic novels I read at some point last year and was meant to review aaaaages ago. Again it’s a set of shorter-than-usual reviews, so not to bore you too much :P.

It will be a weird set starting with some tales from legends with a strong heroine on the lead, moving through contemporary and supernatural ghost hunting story and ending with a sci-fi pirates on an awesome space ship!

Anyone interested?

The Legend of Bold RileyThe Legend of Bold Riley by Leia Weathington

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I bought this comic because it promised to combine this lovely, colorful graphic you can see on the cover and the myths and tales from Indian culture.

Well, the second one did deliver and I really liked that since I don’t have many occasions to read about this culture and it seems fascinating. Continue reading “Indian legends, ghosts and space pirates – graphic novel mash-up”