Grimm Fairy Tales episode 9

I know I’m posting this late (again), but to be honest – I suffer from a strong case of autumn laziness at the moment. It’s good I’m not joining anything like NaNoWriMo because I would fail miserably ;). By the way – I hope everyone is doing great with their writing. I really envy you guys. Good luck!

Now, since I’ve missed two Sunday posts already, I’m thinking about taking a break with these posts. I will post the 10th episode next week and I’m going to stop it for a month. So December will be Grimm-free. I will find something else to write about then. I hope you won’t be mad at me, but I think it’s better to take a break rather than write something boring.

Now back to the Grimm tales – in this episode there are four rather short tales I didn’t know and one that I liked as a child.

Fairytale by t1na

In today’s episode:

  1. The Heavenly Marriage
  2. The Three Languages
  3. Clever Elsie
  4. The Tailor in Heaven
  5. The Magic Table, the Gold-Donkey, and the Club in the Sack

The Heavenly Marriage

This is basically a story about a man who found his faith. A nice tale, but with a standard depressing ending. At least from my point of view it is depressing because I don’t like people dying, no matter what awaits them after death.

Still, it’s a lovely tale about faith and people’s good nature. Even though this man didn’t know anything about God etc he still felt at home when he came to church. Continue reading “Grimm Fairy Tales episode 9”


Grimm Fairy Tales episode 8

This week has a mix of stories that just got into my top 10 favorite Grimm tales and the ones that made no sense.

Fairytale by t1na

In today’s episode:

  1. The Little Old Lady
  2. The Devil With the Three Golden Hairs
  3. The Louse and the Flea
  4. The Girl Without Hands
  5. Clever Hans

I’m afraid I will spoil every other tale for you. The first one is very short and it’s hard to get to the point without telling too much. The third and fifth tales were one of the WTF-just-happened tales and even though I will tell you what happened, maybe you should just read them and tell me that they actually do make sense.

The Little Old Lady

Let’s start with a rather peaceful tale from the “Children’s legends” section. The old lady is a story of a woman who lived for very long and had seen many of her friends and family die. When the last person she loved passed away she was very depressed. One day when she was walking through town she heard church bells calling for mass. She was surprised because it wasn’t the time for it.

When she goes into the church she sees everyone who she loved and cared for and who passed away. She also sees a scene of something that might have happened if some of those people haven’t died when they did. Continue reading “Grimm Fairy Tales episode 8”

Grimm Fairy Tales episode 7

Today we’ve got a tale about a certain little girl in a pretty recognizable red hood among the five chosen ones.

Fairytale by t1na

In today’s episode:

  1. The Blessed Virgin’s Little Glass
  2. The Seven Ravens
  3. Little Red Cap
  4. Town Musicians of Bremen
  5. The Singing Bone

This episode will be a short one. I have little time to write this today and the stories I read didn’t leave me with much to tell either.

The Blessed Virgin’s Little Glass

The first story this week is a really short one. Barely few sentences telling us about a man, whose wagon got stuck and Mary, who wanted to help in exchange for some wine to drink. Since the man didn’t have a glass, Mary gave him a flower to put the wine in and she drunk from that flower.

32 - The Seven RavensTo sum it up, everyone got what they needed, everyone went on happy and a flower got a new name. At least the story says so, but I never heard of a flower called Mary’s glass.

Moral: Help others and they will help you.
Continue reading “Grimm Fairy Tales episode 7”

Grimm Fairy Tales episode 6

In this week’s edition of Grimm fairy tales, we’ve got yet another famous tale – Cinderella. Other than this I’ve got 4 stories I don’t remember reading, although the one about Hulda sounds kind of familiar.

It seems today’s children legend leaves us with only four more left. They should actually call them Christian legends, as they’re all about saints, sins, and martyrs.

Fairytale by t1na

In today’s episode:

  1. The Three Green Twigs
  2. Cinderella
  3. The Riddle
  4. The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage
  5. Mother Hulda

I barely finished this post today. You’d think I learned from the last one and wrote it earlier right? Wrong! This week I was very, very busy… playing games and coloring my new Mandala coloring book :P. Very busy right? Oh and Wednesday was super busy… I was watching all three Back to the future movies :D.

The Three Green Twigs

The first story this week is about a hermit. He was a good man all his life, feeding the animals, giving them water. He was rewarded for his deeds by receiving food from God each day. But one day, when he saw a man being conducted to the gallows, he thought to himself “this man surely deserves it”. That single thought was his undoing. The next day he did not receive any food. Continue reading “Grimm Fairy Tales episode 6”