Grimm Fairy Tales episode 9

I know I’m posting this late (again), but to be honest – I suffer from a strong case of autumn laziness at the moment. It’s good I’m not joining anything like NaNoWriMo because I would fail miserably ;). By the way – I hope everyone is doing great with their writing. I really envy you guys. Good luck!

Now, since I’ve missed two Sunday posts already, I’m thinking about taking a break with these posts. I will post the 10th episode next week and I’m going to stop it for a month. So December will be Grimm-free. I will find something else to write about then. I hope you won’t be mad at me, but I think it’s better to take a break rather than write something boring.

Now back to the Grimm tales – in this episode there are four rather short tales I didn’t know and one that I liked as a child.

Fairytale by t1na

In today’s episode:

  1. The Heavenly Marriage
  2. The Three Languages
  3. Clever Elsie
  4. The Tailor in Heaven
  5. The Magic Table, the Gold-Donkey, and the Club in the Sack

The Heavenly Marriage

This is basically a story about a man who found his faith. A nice tale, but with a standard depressing ending. At least from my point of view it is depressing because I don’t like people dying, no matter what awaits them after death.

Still, it’s a lovely tale about faith and people’s good nature. Even though this man didn’t know anything about God etc he still felt at home when he came to church.

The Three Languages

There once was a king who had only one child – a son who haven’t learned anything yet. When the king felt he’s getting older, he decided to send his son to one of the best teachers in the world. Throughout a year, the boy was supposed to study under his new teacher and come back with some useful knowledge.

After a year, the boy comes back telling his father that he learned the language of the dogs. The king isn’t happy about that. In fact, he is so mad he sends his son for another year of learning.

The situation repeats and after 3 years of learning boys comes back knowing 3 languages: the dogs, the birds, and the frogs. The king doesn’t like that and he throws his son out of the kingdom.

Well, the king’s up for a big surprise there. Thanks to the knowledge of these languages king’s son get quite a career. Since the King was behaving like a big ignorant, I can’t help but dislike him. But the prince isn’t a great guy either. I get it, he wanted to use his knowledge, but I think he went too far.

Moral: Whatever you learn might become useful, so don’t ignore it.

Clever Elsie

Oh, yes here’s another weird story about a “clever” person. Elsie is about to be married and her future husband wants to be sure that his wife will be a smart person. During a family dinner, Elsa is sent to the basement for some wine. When she gets there she notices an ax in the wall left there by some workers. Seeing that she starts thinking: If I’ll marry Hans we will live here, we will have a baby, when our baby will be old enough we will send it into the basement for wine, the ax will surely fall on our baby and kill it. So she sits down and starts crying. After a while other people come down to check on her, Elsa tells them the story. They think she’s soooo clever and they start crying with her.

Because it’s alway a great and smart idea to cry about something that might happen someday instead of trying to prevent it. I honestly thought till the very last sentences that Hans will see how idiotic this behavior was. Instead, he’s overjoyed that his future wife is so clever and they quickly marry each other and start living in this house.

Yes, I know it was probably a very smart tale wherever it came from, but I just can’t get it.

Moral: Remove the danger instead of crying over what might happen!

The Tailor in Heaven

Want to hear a story about a tailor who cheat his way to heaven? Well, here it comes: God went for vacations and left heaven to st. Peter telling him not to let anyone in. But off course a poor tailor showed up and talked his way into heaven saying he will only sit and rest for a while and help with some chores. As soon as Peter turned his back to the tailor that guy decided to wander around heaven and see how everything looks like.

The tailor found his way to Gods throne and when he sat on it, he saw what’s happening on Earth. He saw a man who sinned and got so angry that he threw golden footstool at him. Seeing that he can’t get it back, he quickly hid in the corner, where Peter left him.

I think you can figure out what happened next.

There were many things that went wrong here and it would be easy to say “if Peter hasn’t let the man in it wouldn’t have happened”, but is this really only his fault? Yes, his good heart made him listen to the tailors pleads, but it was the tailor who lied his way in, who went where he shouldn’t and who judged someone.

Moral: You won’t cheat your way to Heaven. And don’t let just anybody into your home. Also – the most important one – don’t be too quick to punish people.

The Magic Table, the Gold-Donkey, and the Club in the Sack

This is the tale I remember from my childhood. I don’t remember it word by word, so it might’ve been a lighter version, what I do remember is that my mom used to show it to me on an old projector and we read it together changing the slides. It looked something like the one on the right, one of these where you have to put slide by slide separately to the slot.

But enough with that, let’s get to the story.

It all starts with a lying goat. Father and three sons live together and their goat is their most prized possession. One by one from sons take the goat to some nice feeding spot, so she could eat as much as she can. Each time, when the evening comes the goat tells them she eat so much she couldn’t possibly eat one more leaf. But when they’re back home and the father comes to the goat asking if she’s full, she lies that she haven’t eaten anything. Father, hearing this, throws his sons out of their home for lying to him and for not feeding the animal.

Three sons have to go into the world to find their place to live and work, to prove they’re worthy and truthful.

All three boys find an apprenticeship – one learns to make furniture, other becomes a miller and the third one becomes a wood smith. After ending their work each of them receives a very special gift. Check the title to see what these gifts might be :).

Two of the brothers were very reckless about their gifts. I understand they might want to share it with others, but they should know that gifts like these might be very attractive to some people. The youngest one – boy with the beating stick (or a club as the title says) he seemed to be the smartest of the bunch.

Moral: Stealing doesn’t pay off. Know how to use your gifts, when to share and when to protect them.

TV-Kitty-icon2Any thought about these stories?

Do you have some fun reading memories from your childhood?

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