Grimm Fairy Tales episode 7

Today we’ve got a tale about a certain little girl in a pretty recognizable red hood among the five chosen ones.

Fairytale by t1na

In today’s episode:

  1. The Blessed Virgin’s Little Glass
  2. The Seven Ravens
  3. Little Red Cap
  4. Town Musicians of Bremen
  5. The Singing Bone

This episode will be a short one. I have little time to write this today and the stories I read didn’t leave me with much to tell either.

The Blessed Virgin’s Little Glass

The first story this week is a really short one. Barely few sentences telling us about a man, whose wagon got stuck and Mary, who wanted to help in exchange for some wine to drink. Since the man didn’t have a glass, Mary gave him a flower to put the wine in and she drunk from that flower.

32 - The Seven RavensTo sum it up, everyone got what they needed, everyone went on happy and a flower got a new name. At least the story says so, but I never heard of a flower called Mary’s glass.

Moral: Help others and they will help you.

The Seven Ravens

Yet again we’ve got a story about a family with quite many boys and a little girl about to be born. This story is similar to the “Twelve brothers” only the father wasn’t that cruel. This time, when the little girl is about to be born, her mother gets really ill and father sends boys to the well to bring some water. When boys don’t come back for a while he wishes them changed into ravens.

Unfortunately for the boys his wish comes true and the little girl grows up not knowing she ever had brothers. When she finally finds out about them and how they came to become ravens, she decides to travel around the world to find them and help them.

And why wouldn’t a good hearted girl be able to help her kin? She even cuts her finger off to save her brothers.

Moral: Be careful what you wish for. Your good heart can reverse at least some evil done by others.

Little Red Cap

Otherwise known as Little Red Riding Hood. The story of a little girl on her way to grandma’s house, a wolf who wants to eat them all and a huntsman who saves the world (well, he saves two people, but you know what I mean ;)).

33 - Little Red CapI know that you read or watched or maybe listened to this story, but I will outline it here for anyone who’s interested.

The little girl is sent by her mother to her grandmother’s house. She’s supposed to bring her grandma a bottle of wine and some freshly baked cake [and no, cake is not a lie!]. Mother instructs Red not to stray off her path and go swiftly to grandmother’s hut.

On her path, Red meets a wolf. He’s not your ordinary animal, after all it’s a fairy tale. Not only he hunts alone, talks, but apparently he is big enough that he doesn’t need to chew his food before swallowing it. That is not healthy mister wolf!

When Red and the wolf meet, the girl is barely fifteen minutes away from grandmothers house. The wolf convinces her to look around, pick up some flowers, do everything to delay her trip.

Red isn’t a very smart girl is it? Trusting a stranger, not recognizing her own grandmother. At least she’s a lucky one, but still. Her parents really should teach her better or not let her go on her own yet.

Moral: Stay on your path, listen to your parents and don’t listen to strangers.

Town Musicians of Bremen

34 - Town Musicians of BremenThis is a story I’ve already read some time ago and after reading it twice I think it’s kind of pointless. A bunch of animals gathers up together to run from death. They decide to become street musicians. The problem is, they didn’t get too far. Instead of going to town, like they wanted to, they scared a bunch of bandits out of their house and took it for their own. As much as I don’t really care for the bandits, I don’t think this was a smart and good deed.

I honestly have no idea what the moral should be…

The Singing Bone

Once there was a prosperous kingdom, a beastly boar who started to ruin it all and two brothers, who tried to save the kingdom.

Since the boar was destroying the lands and killing the people, the king proclaimed that whoever will slay the boar, will get king’s only daughter in marriage.

Many have tried and failed, until one day two brothers of humble birth decided to try to defeat the beast. Following king’s advice, the brothers went into the woods from the opposite sides.

35 - The Singing BoneYounger boy, with a kind heart and pure soul, met an old man in the woods. The man gave him a spear and told him it will slay the boar and keep the boy safe. A boy went on without fear in his heart and indeed killed the beast.

The older brother, whose heart was corrupted and whose mind was vain, instead of searching for the boar he stopped at the tavern and drunk in search for courage. When he saw his younger brother walking by with the dead beast on his back, he decided to trick him.

That is all I will tell you about this tale. If I wanted to tell you where the title came from, I would have to reveal the whole story and I do prefer if you read it. It’s actually not a bad tale. Yes, it is yet another tale where the good hearted receives help and the evil one takes all the glory for himself and at the end he gets punished.

I have a feeling most of those stories are like this and it is good, but somehow it gets a little boring and predictable. I know this book won’t have a story where the bad guys win, but I do like a little plot twist once in a while.

Moral: Don’t try to steal other person’s glory, life, and belongings. You might get something for them for a while, but it won’t last. Others will find out about your crimes.

TV-Kitty-icon2What do you think of these stories?

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