The Emoji Book Tag!

I’m in a rather not-writing mood today, so I’m going to delay the Grimm fairy tales episode, I hope only for about a day or two. Instead I’m giving you a tad that was waiting a while to be published.

Are you ready for some fun? πŸ™‚

imagesI’ve been tagged by Chloe fromΒ Paint and Butterflies Books. THANK You!

This tag consists in picking your five most used or favorite emojis and then choose a book that corresponds with that specific emoji. Pretty easy, right?

I’ve noticed people go with this tag very loosely, so I can basically write what I want ;). I’ve decided to go with the name + standard description + my personal part.

Those of you who read some of my posts know I simply can’t stop using those little cute emotional icons. Which are my favorite or most used you might ask? Well here they come:

858c79f91f4b95442a37119f3af4ffd1Grinning face

A face with a big grinning mouth, showing teeth.

I think it’s the most used emoji for me. Well OK, I mostly use the simple smiley πŸ™‚ but I like this one more, it’s simply that the basic smiley is faster to write. Continue reading “The Emoji Book Tag!”