How nerdy are you?

How would you like to check your knowledge about sci-fi and fantasy movies, books, TV shows, graphic novels? Now you have an occasion to do so. It’s quite a fun :D.

The Science-Fiction & Fantasy Quiz Book The Science-Fiction & Fantasy Quiz Book by Joseph McCullough

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You can find this book on Goodreads and Amazon.

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Description from Goodreads

What character did Peter Cushing portray in Star Wars: A New Hope? Who was Arwen Evenstar’s mother? According to Isaac Asimov, what is third law of robotics? Which barbarian hero carried a sword called ‘Graywand’?

The book is split into 3 parts – easy, medium and hard questions. The truth is if a you know the answer, the “hard” questions are easy and if you don’t – you won’t answer the “easy” questions anyway, so in my opinion it would make more sense to split it up into the general questions and the detailed ones.

The book quiz isn’t something you read in one sitting. You do some questions now and then, go back to it from time to time. All in all its a good time, something you can maybe share with your friends and make it even more fun :).

By the way, the cover reminds of the “Zathura” game box from the movie :). I like that movie. And Jumanji too.

TV-Kitty-icon2How good is your nerdy knowledge? Are you brave enough to check it out? Or maybe afraid you’ll know too much ;).