Grimm Fairy Tales episode 7

Today we’ve got a tale about a certain little girl in a pretty recognizable red hood among the five chosen ones.

Fairytale by t1na

In today’s episode:

  1. The Blessed Virgin’s Little Glass
  2. The Seven Ravens
  3. Little Red Cap
  4. Town Musicians of Bremen
  5. The Singing Bone

This episode will be a short one. I have little time to write this today and the stories I read didn’t leave me with much to tell either.

The Blessed Virgin’s Little Glass

The first story this week is a really short one. Barely few sentences telling us about a man, whose wagon got stuck and Mary, who wanted to help in exchange for some wine to drink. Since the man didn’t have a glass, Mary gave him a flower to put the wine in and she drunk from that flower.

32 - The Seven RavensTo sum it up, everyone got what they needed, everyone went on happy and a flower got a new name. At least the story says so, but I never heard of a flower called Mary’s glass.

Moral: Help others and they will help you.
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