Top 5(ish) Wednesday: 2017 Goals

imgresIt seems this Top 5 Wednesday provides me with kind of a deadline to finally list my challenges :). I was bound to do it anyway, so here it goes. But since 5 is such a small number for a yearly challenge, so instead I’ll make five sets of them instead. Oh, and there will be statistics and graphics 😛

5. Bookish goals

Read more of the older books instead of all of the new stuff. New books are awesome, but I’m getting more and more behind with older books. I used to read many more stories published years ago and now… well here’s how my chart looks like for this year:


Read more books by the authors I liked. It seems I have a tendency to explore new books and authors instead of reading the series and single novels from the people I liked.

And since I’m talking about series – continue and/or finish some of the series, especially the ones that are already complete and that I own.


Format – read more paper books, mostly because I own way too many unread books, so I might as well say – read more of owned books :D. Continue reading “Top 5(ish) Wednesday: 2017 Goals”

2016 challenges summary

Some of you might’ve remembered I wrote this long and not completely forgotten throughout the year post about my goals for this year. It seems fair to check what did I actually managed to do…

Let’s start with the more interesting ones and then move on to the boring numbers :P. I’ll try to write as little as possible, mostly because I feel like I failed…. but also not really…

Anyway, the things I wrote about in that post I’ve mentioned:

The bookish goals – 3 out of 5 passed

  • Buy more bookshelvesPass! Actually reorganizing the whole room into library/craft room so I’m totally proud of this one 🙂
  • Reorganize my books – also Pass! It took me a while between putting the bookshelves together to actually organizing the books… like few months.
  • Separate the TBR pile from the rest – I’m marking it as Pass because I have a list of ALL the books and I’ve marked which I’ve read and which not, but they are all together on the shelves.
  • Get back to learning Japanese – massive Fail here :/ Well, there’s one goal to move on to next year 😉
  • Achieve a positive buy-to-read ratio – and another massive Fail. No excuses. Well… all the promos…

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What happened in November – Monthly summary

Another rather calm and chilly month had passed. More books were bought, some promotions used, first Christmas gifts found, very few posts were written and read :P. I’m not really sorry for that. I think I needed a rest.

Today’s summary will be short, so I’ll try not to bore you too much ;).

The bookish statistics

  • Finished 11 stories: 4 novels, 1 graphic novel, 3 mangas, 2 short stories,audio together 2107 pages of every possible type 😛
  • Average rating: 3.8 which isn’t very good, but still above my GR average
  • Goodreads still shows I’m behind schedule on yearly challenge, but I still haven’t added some books I’ve listened to, so… not really behind ;P

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Top 5 Wed… or not…

I don’t feel like doing Top 5 Wednesday today, so instead I’ve decided to do a kind of a summary od the first quarter of 2016. What I did, what I liked and some of the things I’m planning to do. I’ll be back with Top 5 Wednesday next week, I didn’t really like today’s topic anyway. And by “didn’s like” I mean – I don’t think I could find many books on this topic anyway. I barely managed to dig up some mental illness books for one of last year’s topics :P.

I should probably warn you – I intend to add few numbers, possibly in graphic form 😛 I was kind of curious about some of my bookish stats and I’ve created a tracker for the things that Goodreads doesn’t track.

Favorite reads of 2016 thus far

Martian The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 1 The Faust Act Love in the Time of Murder Enchanted

What did I like so much about these books?

The Martian – one of few sci-fi novels that really took me in! It’s fantastically written, it keeps you on the edge, the main character is fantastic, and the humor! I do like books with a bit of humor that’s why Pratchett is among my favorites. Continue reading “Top 5 Wed… or not…”