Top 5 Wednesday: 2017 Releases You Are Excited For

I could not be vegetarian and vegan sounds even more horrific. I love animals, but there are boundaries… like food 😛 I love food. I just had this nice breakfast with boiled eggs, onions and bacon stripes and I’m happy :D. It was also horrifically caloric, but with the temperatures between -15°C and -20°C lately I feel inclined to eat more 😛 and I really don’t care. Did I mention I love food? Now I only need some coffee and I can start working.

That was the random thought for today brought to you by calories 😛

Top 5 WednesdayAnyway, it was supposed to be a Top 5 Wednesday post, so let’s get to it :P. Actually, I almost skipped this Wednesday as I don’t normally track recent releases other than my ARC’s, but I’m using it as an excuse to publish my random food thoughts :P. Yes, I’m kind of in a good mood and full of energy… for now. Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday: 2017 Releases You Are Excited For”


Top 5 Wednesday – Gateway Books to Your Favorite Genre

imgresIt is so hard to pick just one book from your favorite genre. And it’s hard to choose just 5 genres too apparently, but I guess these will have to do. Maybe these aren’t the perfect choices, but I love these books and I think they might make good starters :).

5. EnchantedFairytale retellings

Enchanted by Alethea Kontis – A cute and cuddly story that I loved. Maybe it’s more of a fairy tale itself rather than a retelling, but it has plenty of elements from more and less known tales.

It’s romantic, very nice and easy to read and it has some great characters.

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BBC Thursday – 25th of August

BBC_Radio_logoWelcome back to BBC Thursday. After two weeks without drama’s, I’m very tempted to list up all that I’m going to listen to you. But I think I can stop myself… just a bit…

Unfortunately, my lack of posts shortened the amount of days left for these titles to stay online, but I hope it’s not a problem.

1. Night Watch by Terry Pratchett

Captain Sam Vimes confronts his past in a rather direct manner. Stars Ben Onwukwe and Philip Jackson.

BBC Episode 1Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Goodreads

Day left: 11
Duration: 30 min | 5 episodes aired weekly on Saturday
Rating: ★★★★★

Do I still need to introduce Pratchett to anyone? Yes, the books are fantastic and yes, the drama’s are also pretty good. I think I’ve heard this one twice already. So worth it if you have no time for the full book.
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A curious sci-fi noir mystery

Transient CityTransient City by Al Onia

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Goodreads | Amazon

I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Curious… I’ve just re-read the book blurb and it seems far more exciting than the story I’ve read. It promises you some inner struggle for the main character, something I found lacking. Anyway, I didn’t start it well. The book is enjoyable and it has some good moments.

Yes, the beginning is rather slow but all the sci-fi part is interesting and rather well crafted. Author made it easy to imagine the world in which our characters are trying to survive. It did remind me a bit of “The Heartland Trilogy” with all the flying cities and boats and cruelty of the world around. But that’s about all the similarities you’ll get. You won’t stay on Earth on this book. The mining colony you’ll visit is a rough world not only because of the environment but also the cities, the people, the constant changes. It’s because of one of these changes – a city transfer of few people and their living compartments – Victor has to switch his job from being a Witness to slowly becoming a detective. Continue reading “A curious sci-fi noir mystery”