What happened in January – monthly summary

Oh, look! January is over. Admit it, you already forgot about your yearly goals :P. Well, maybe not yet, I still have some of them in mind.

Anyway, considering that only the cold bothered me this month I’m quite satisfied with it. And since I know some people had some nasty time this month – I wish you all the best for the rest of the year!

The bookish statistics

  • new-known-januaryFinished 9 stories: 1 ebook, 4 paper books, 4 graphic novels, together 2365 pages.
  • Average rating: 3.89
  • Books bought: 8 which still makes my bought-to-read ratio positive, but only slightly.
  • I’m fixing my new to known authors ratio. And by fixing I mean I’ve read more books by the authors I already knew and liked before. Will see if I can hold it till the rest of the year. My goal is to make it more or less equal amount.

Sooo there goes my “buy fewer books” goal, right? But I still have 11 more months to make the balance right and those Gaiman book covers are amazing! Continue reading “What happened in January – monthly summary”


2016’s rainbow of charts ;)

I’ve been gathering myself to write this final 2016 summary post and it looks like it’s not getting easier and half of January had gone by, so I feel like I should just sit my ass in front of the keyboard and do it!… right after I’ll get another cup of coffee.

My top genres

Let’s start with an easy and colorful one – the Genres. Some of these overlap and my list was way longer, but I’ve decided to cut it and leave only 7+ books per genre here:


It looks like I’m still faithful to Fantasy because it’s awesome! I was surprised by the amount of sci-fi stories I’ve read last year as I prefer watching rather than reading SF, but it mostly ended up well, so I’m happy about it. And one more comment for the Romance section – none of the books I’ve read were really a pure romance, but I like adding this category to books with a strong romantic subplot. Continue reading “2016’s rainbow of charts ;)”

Random appreciation day :P

333 posts ago I’ve started this little blog of mine and it so happens that not only I didn’t stop writing, but it looks like I’ve got some amazing followers actually reading these little articles :D.

By now this Magic of Books was viewed 13 941 times! I’d call it amazing and it’s ALL THANKS TO YOU my lovely 574 minions :P.

thanks Continue reading “Random appreciation day :P”

What happened in December – a short monthly summary

I’ve been pushing this post further and further and I don’t really have a reason for that other than I already posted so many summaries, short review, etc that Don’t have much more to add but let’s see if I have some curiosities left :).

The bookish statistics

  • Finished 9 stories: 1 graphic novel, 8 audio books, together 3310 pages. I should count this month in hours rather than pages but I’m way too lazy to count ;).
  • Average rating: 3.8 which is exactly what I had last month o.O.
  • I finished all of the bookish challenges that had a chance to be finished and forgot about others because… time
  • Since it was pretty much an Audiobook month I only managed to add more paper books to my library :P. I made it a challenge for this year to actually read them.

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