Virtual bee

I’ve read this book twice now. The first version of it was far from perfect, but the author did a great job at editing it, making the story whole. Now this is a story I want to continue reading.

NirvanaNirvana (Nirvana Series #1) by J.R. Stewart

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I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is the world of the future. The world in which all the bees are dead and the whole environment had collapsed. Where government known as Hexagon rules over everyone and everything and where virtual reality seems as real as everything else.

The story revolves around Larissa Kenders and her fiance Andrew. Andrew is working for Hexagon on programming a special VR system that everyone uses. People are so used to it you can almost think it’s an addiction. It’s quite understandable that they want to see the world how it used to be and not the post Extinction reality that surrounds them. The only problem is that Hexagon monitors everything and everyone in and out of Nirvana. If someone even thinks wrongly of them they might simply disappear.

Post apocalyptic by johnsonting
Post apocalyptic by johnsonting

As I mentioned at the beginning, this book changed a lot and although I’m trying not to, I still remember why I didn’t like it the first time and I probably will mention a few times how I initially felt about the story and characters. That said, let’s move on to my thoughts about this book. Continue reading “Virtual bee”

Grimm Fairy Tales episode 8

This week has a mix of stories that just got into my top 10 favorite Grimm tales and the ones that made no sense.

Fairytale by t1na

In today’s episode:

  1. The Little Old Lady
  2. The Devil With the Three Golden Hairs
  3. The Louse and the Flea
  4. The Girl Without Hands
  5. Clever Hans

I’m afraid I will spoil every other tale for you. The first one is very short and it’s hard to get to the point without telling too much. The third and fifth tales were one of the WTF-just-happened tales and even though I will tell you what happened, maybe you should just read them and tell me that they actually do make sense.

The Little Old Lady

Let’s start with a rather peaceful tale from the “Children’s legends” section. The old lady is a story of a woman who lived for very long and had seen many of her friends and family die. When the last person she loved passed away she was very depressed. One day when she was walking through town she heard church bells calling for mass. She was surprised because it wasn’t the time for it.

When she goes into the church she sees everyone who she loved and cared for and who passed away. She also sees a scene of something that might have happened if some of those people haven’t died when they did. Continue reading “Grimm Fairy Tales episode 8”