Let’s talk about movie adaptations

Everyone is writing about movie adaptations today, I know it’s the current TTT topic. I haven’t joined this group, but it seems like a great topic, so I’m going ti write about it anyway :). But I feel like I don’t want to limit myself to only book adaptations… I like games too after all 😀


Pretty much every Discworld novel should be made into a movie. There are few already, I really liked Going Postal movie, Hogfather is nice and I really need to re-watch Color of Magic because I don’t even remember if I liked it…

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The Starlight Blogger Award

screen-shot-2015-07-24-at-3-04-37-pmI want to thank Nya @ Nya Reads for this nomination!

A bit of an update:

I was also nominated by Alyssa @ Under Review

Thank you both a lot!! You are lovely and your blogs are great 🙂

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The Original Questions

1. If you could meet anyone from throughout history, who and why?

Leonardo Da Vinci. Yes, I know Nya gave the same answer, but the man was a genius! I’ve read some of the books about him (some more and some less historical), seen his art and schematics for his other ideas. He was amazing! Continue reading “The Starlight Blogger Award”