Relax, it’s coloring time

Today I’ve got something new for you – a coloring book. I know it might be unexpected, but I always liked coloring and it seems it became at thing lately, so now It’s a bit easier to find new fantastic patterns in actual book format. I don’t have to browse the net and print out pictures (I’m still going to do this, but that’s not the point).

We don’t have that many of these in Poland yet, but they’re coming. Once bookstores started selling them, they will not stop if there’s still profit :P.

But the one I’m going to present you hasn’t come to us yet. I can only review a digital copy, so I won’t tell you how the paper feels and how good it will work with different coloring media, but I can tell you about the designs included here.

meditations through coloringMeditations through Coloring by River Grove Books

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I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

At the beginning, you’ll find a short introduction about meditation and the designs included in this book. I think it’s a nice touch and as a plus side – it has flower designs on the side, so if you’re not into reading it you can simply color those designs and maybe you’re eyes will wander to the text part too. Continue reading “Relax, it’s coloring time”