Funny Friday – actors, magic and a dragon

I wonder, should I start with the Polish book today or with the series that might be more interesting to all of you English speakers ;). I don’t want to lose your interest, so I’m guessing the latter.


Cast, in Order of Disappearance (Charles Paris #1) An Amateur Corpse (Charles Paris #4) The Dead Side of the Mike (Charles Paris #6) Murder Unprompted A Crime Novel (Charles Paris #8) Murder in the Title A Crime Novel (Charles Paris #9)

Charles Paris mysteries – BBC drama

author: Simon Brett
dramatized by Jeremy Front
Goodreads | BBC radio

These stories never failed to make me laugh. It’s not a humor for everyone. The main character is selfish, easily annoyed, sarcastic and apparently bored with everyday life. And he has a funeral march mp3 set as a ringtone for a certain person. Love that 😀

The mysteries are rather light, the won’t break your mind when you’ll try to figure it out. I’m guessing books do a better job here than dramatizations, but they are still enjoyable. Continue reading “Funny Friday – actors, magic and a dragon”