Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Posts

imgresA word of explanation – today’s topic is to show off your own posts. I thought

I thought about skipping this one, but why would I? It does sound like a good idea, right? Since it’s supposed to be just 5 posts I’ve decided to choose one post per cathegory. Well, I do have more cathegories than five, but it will have to do :). Here are some of the posts I enjoyed writing the most. Actually, I have no particular order to place them in, so no numbers this week.

Top 5 Wednesday – Biggest Badasses

Well, I had to add one of the T5W posts, so don’t judge :D. I really liked this topic and I really liked choosing the few best, even though I had plenty more to go. And aw man… I really miss Regis, especially since I found some traces of his existence in Witcher 3 – in the Blood and Wine extension. I liked this mysterious vampire.
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