Extraordinary Questions on Ordinary Book Tags as told by Mag from Magic of Books

There are hundreds of book tags around. Some are fun, some are annoying, some are just a peculiar little things that are intriguing enough to make you want to try them out, voice your own opinion.

Why do we tag others?

Why would we even bother sometimes?

Why do we accept the tags and answer them?

I think there are several reasons. Each of us might have their own, but here are few we might have in common.

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BBC Thursday – 16th of June

BBC_Radio_logoI thought I’ll have to pass on this week’s BBC Thursday because I couldn’t find anything interesting, but then I found these two things. The second one might not be so awesome, but it’s something that might fill in your listening time.

1. Doctor Who: Industrial Evolution by Eddie Robson

The Doctor follows time-traveller, Thomas Brewster to 19th century Lancashire, where industrial growth is ahead of schedule.

The white heat burns hottest at Samuel Belfrage’s brass mill in Ackleton, plagued by more than its fair share of work-related injuries. As Brewster struggles to secure a fair deal for the overworked hands, the Doctor and Evelyn arrive to discover the unexpected truth about Belfrage’s business.

BBC Episode 1 | Episode 2Goodreads

Day left: 25
Duration: 60 min | 2 episodes

Look at that – a Doctor Who episode I haven’t listened to yet :). No matter, I’ll fix it soon and I hope you’ll do the same!

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