Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Series Novellas

imgresI honestly thought I’ll have more novellas to choose from, but most of the short stories I’ve read seem to be unrelated to all the series. Or at least to the series I liked :).

I could actually fill this list with Bane Chronicles short stories, but that would be boring wouldn’t it? [No, Bane is not boring! Don’t even dare to think like that!]. So to make it more interesting here are my Top 5 choices for this week:


The firstThe First by Jason Mott – First short prequel from the Returned series. I liked all three of them, the idea sounded interesting. Giving people the second chance by bringing their lost loved ones back to life. I admit I still haven’t read the main story, it sounds interesting, but I always have some other books to read…


Snow White Blood RedSnow White Blood Red by Cameron Jace – and few other stories from the Grimm Diaries Prequels. They all show our favorite fairy tales from a different point of view, all with some crazy twists. This is the first story in series and after reading this one I already knew I want to read more of Jace’s stories.


Viscount and the witchThe Viscount and the Witch by Michael J. Sullivan – I’ve read this before I even knew the rest of the series exists. I was bound to love those characters, even though you can’t really get to know them throughout these few pages, but I have a feeling they make an interesting couple.


GlitchesGlitches by Marissa Meyer – do I really have to explain this one? Here’s the story of how Cinder came to live with her stepmother. After reading this, you will hate that evil woman Adria even more. Peony is sweet and loveable from the beginning. Pearl just couldn’t care less. And Iko is about to be fixed.


Debt of BonesDebt of Bones by Terry Goodkind – a short prequel to the Sword of Truth series. A story of young Zedd and Abby. I always like those two and when I heard there’s a story about them I simply had to read it. I wasn’t disappointed. It was nice to read about their first meeting. See what they were like when they were young.

Today’s bonus round

Yes, the Bane chronicles stories! At least the ones I liked most 😀

  1. What to Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything
  2. The Midnight Heir
  3. Saving Raphael Santiago
  4. The Runaway Queen
  5. The Last Stand of the New York Institute


What are your favorite series novellas?

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