Top 5 Wednesday – Authors I’ve Discovered This Year

imgresThere were quite many books I liked this year. Quite many new authors I’ve discovered too. Some of them you already know, some of you probably never heard of.

Since it is a Top 5 list the idea is to place my chosen ones in a certain order, but I have to admit it was very hard to place them. I changed it few times before deciding on this, so be aware that these are all Top 1 discovered authors for me for this year.


Brian K. Vaughan Saga 1 Saga 2

Brian K. Vaughan – I finally got to read Saga! And you know what? I liked it. Yes, I know it was obvious, I was bound to like it. Great story, great characters and great graphic. What’s not to like right? I’ve read the first two parts, soon to be third since I also have that one. Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday – Authors I’ve Discovered This Year”