Top 5 Wednesday – Halloween Recommendations!

imgresTime for some Halloween reads!

Who am I kidding, I don’t do seasonal reads. I simply read on what I want and have no matter the time of the year. Besides I don’t read much of the creepy and scary books. The three first places – these were BBC dramatizations that I listened at some point. These three were really well made and really creeped me out. I bet the books are just as good.

So… sorry for not giving you full books for these first three spots, but I hope you’ll like my choices anyway.


Anubis by Wolfgang Hohlbei – let’s start with something light here. It was written by a German author and as far I’ve seen it doesn’t have English translation yet.

This is a story about a team of archaeologists who find a strange burial place and a set of tunnels that don’t fit with this region’s religions. In fact it seems to be connected to ancient Egypt. And it seems not everything in there is dead… Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday – Halloween Recommendations!”