8 tips on how to make your blog better

I’ve started writing this post and I’ve notices it’s going to be quite large. I can’t help it, I have to get all this out of me and share with you guys! Just to make it easier, though I’m going to list the topics I’ll be writing about:

  1. Responsive web design
  2. Post titles
  3. The font issue
  4. Let’s talk about sharing
  5. Excerpts 
  6. Email notifications
  7. SEO and stuff
  8. Schedule

As you can see from this list I won’t be talking

After few months of blogging I realized there are some things that might help to keep people on your site, to grab their attention, to gather more followers. Yes, I’ve read few articles, check out some infographics, etc before I even started this blog. These helped a bit, but now I actually know what all those tips and tricks they were talking about meant. I also noticed many of the blogs I follow ignore some of those rules and, even though they have probably more followers than I do, are harder to read/share.

Let’s start with something that people these days should really think about while creating their own site:

1. Responsive web design

Believe it or now, but it’s very important. I don’t alway sit in front of my PC when I browse through new blog posts. Quite often I use my phone. And you have no idea how annoying it is to try to zoom in properly a certain part of a page when it should actually be shown on big screen instead of a phone. My eyes aren’t capable of reading font size 1 or 2 and that’s what it looks like.

250px-Diseno-web-responsive-designMost of you guys are using WordPress and one of their themes, probably personalized as much as you wanted/knew how. Some of those themes aren’t really responsive and I’d suggest keeping away from these.

I know that creating a web page from scraps isn’t easy, but if you’re doing so it’s better to do it right the first time! If you’ll have a nice base with all the important setting on, you can change themes and modify it as much as you like. Continue reading “8 tips on how to make your blog better”