The demon inside me

Portia is a fast paced book full of various worlds, demons, dragons and magic with an enchanting heroine on the lead.

PortiaPortia (Angelbound Offspring #2) by Christina Bauer

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I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

It seems that in times when Void threatens the worlds to collapse, even a peaceful, book loving princess must embark on a quest and try to save everyone. And who might be a perfect partner in her adventures? How about a handsome dragon emperor Tempest?

I felt this book was kind of chaotic. There were those strange moments when one chapter ends with supposed peace and quiet and the next started with a boom without a reason. Portia and Tempest were traveling randomly from place to place. I know they were supposed to be on this quest, but that also felt kind of sudden.

.:Golden Emperor:. by keelerleah
.:Golden Emperor:. by keelerleah

Actually I think I’m missing some information, maybe they were in previous books? I was completely lost in what was happening there. OK, there is this Void that’s supposed to be either some kind of a big ass monster or a place from which monsters come to other worlds. I didn’t really get that. Also, the worlds… so there are four worlds that are somehow joined together, but how are our heroes transporting between them? Are there some kind of portals? Or maybe you just wish yourself somewhere? I told you I was lost right? Continue reading “The demon inside me”