Easy ways to work on your habits

At some point in your life, you come to realize that you could really use some of these self-improvement books that have been staring at you from the bookshelves. Maybe like me you were tempted before but somehow decided to buy yet another fantasy novel instead.
Or maybe you simply don’t believe they could help you, that it’s just a bunch of psycho-babble that won’t work on you? Let’s review this, shall we?

Habits 9 Steps To Your Personal ChangeHabits: 9 Steps To Your Personal Change by Marcin Rzucidlo

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I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

About two weeks ago I was sent to a whole-day training session from my current work. I do like these! You get to spend a whole day off work, even though it counts as such, you get “free” food, spend some time with people from work you haven’t even met before and you get to learn something new, something interesting. Well, most of the time it’s interesting provided you get a good trainer.

This time, we’ve got a very good trainer who knew exactly what he was doing, kept it all interesting and didn’t let us get sleepy even after dinner. Well done! Continue reading “Easy ways to work on your habits”