Unfinished business

I think I had a reading crisis yesterday. Or maybe it was a realistic thinking that got me to the decision that it’s about time to give up one few of the books I’ve been “reading” forever. Maybe I have enough of pretending, or maybe I hope that saying “enough” will give me a kick start to read some more interesting books because this month was a very un-bookish. True, I had plenty or things to do including 2 parties to prepare, some post-renovation cleanup, etc etc.

Anyway, here are some books I’m currently putting on the dreadful DNF shelf. They aren’t bad books, if they were I would’ve given up on them a long time ago, but it seems we just don’t get along very well.

A Shade of Vampire
A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest

started reading: 19-02-2013
pages: 297 (which is funny because I remember it being a 700+ page book)
How did I get it? From Amazon after checking out some Goodreads giveaway and being contacted by the author. Continue reading “Unfinished business”