Monthly summary – May ’16

Wow, it’s another month gone. I did many things this month, but reading was not a priority. So busy…

I feel I should apologize to you for posting so little. I feel just a tiny bit guilty ;). mostly for not having some posts ready in advance to post them in times like these. I hope next month will be better. I do have some posts partially ready, like last week’s BBC and Funny Friday posts. I was almost done with them, but couldn’t finish on time so they’ll be polished and posted this week.

So what did I accomplish in May?

Not much, but I had some good time doing it 😀

  • Finished 17 books: 5 novels, 2 short stories. April page count: lame 1650.
  • I’ve finished 2 sets of jigsaws – 1000 and 1500 pieces. Well, ok I finished the ‘1000’ in a day and the second in about 3, so not a big time consumer, but damn satisfying and relaxing :D. Right now I have 4000 piece scene started on the table, this one:

ship battle

  • I had not much luck with my book choices this month, my average rating: 3,1 stars.
  • I’ve missed the deadline on my Back to the future graphic novel – I’ve read about half and forgot the deadline’s coming… I really wanted to read it, it was a nice addition to the movies. I’ll find a way to read it whole.
  • My Goodreads yearly challenge went down from 16+ books ahead of schedule to only 1…
  • Witcher 3 is still an amazing game and the reason for this month’s lack of audio books among my reads…
  • 7 books ended up on a DNF shelf, 1 of which I might pick up again thanks to some helpful comments 🙂
  • I’ve read and started using a self-improvement book and it was surprisingly effective.

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