Monthly summary – April ’16

Another month passed by. The weather got warmer, but still not enough. The seeds in my garden started growing. I’m not really giving them much of a chance sine I’m the “gardener” but maybe they have enough will to survive. I have totally no gardening skills, but luckily nature can sometimes survive on its own so I’m counting for some fresh herbs within few months.

So what did I accomplish in April?

  • Finished 17 books: 6 novels, 1 short story, 5 audio, 5 graphic novels. April page count: 4109. Yup, I’m totally good with that 😀
  • It seems I’ve hit on some good books because my average rating is just a bit over 4 stars!
  • I went a bit outside of my comfort zone and I’ve finally read two memoirs: “Just a geek” and “You’re never weird on the Internet“. I think these two were perfect for someone like me to get closer to this genre :D. Yes, I’ve marked them both with 4 stars.
  • I’ve started new weekly post series – Funny Friday that will lead you through some of the books that made me laugh.
  • I’ve tried to check what is wrong with my BBC posts 🙂 The feedback was helpful, so I guess I’ve succeeded? Once again big thanks to all who answered my call!
  • I finally read “Daughter of smoke and bone” and I have to say I love the writing style and the language. The story is good and I want to know more of it because it feels like the book was cut in half.
  • I’ve got “Illuminae“! I’ve started reading it on my way home and reached 73 pages before I managed to put it down. I’ve heard that it’s similar to Battlestar, but I didn’t know how much. It’s like a teen drama in Battlestar-like setting :D. Love the style and the look of this book.

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