Top 5 Wednesday – Summer Reads

imgres I just went to Goodreads to update few statuses and check out today’s T5W topic and look what I’ve seen:


Yep, 2000! Oh, it includes pretty much everything starting from some of my old-time school reads, all the books I read throughout my life, short stories, BBC dramas, audiobooks, graphic novels and some mangas I remembered, but I still like that number.

Oh, and I hit 200 posts on my last one.

Now I need something with “20“…

Let me think about today’s topic. It’s all about summer reads, right? No, I will not make it Top 20, that’s way too much although it would be easy to find. How about books that are 20 years old? You might think there won’t be enough to choose from, but have you checked the first edition dates lately on some of your favorite books? For Example Game of Thrones, Fight Club, Hogfather – these were all published in 1996! [I might’ve just given you most of my list…] Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday – Summer Reads”