January’s sin list [what I bought and what I got]

So basically, I’m not doing too well with the “buy few books” resolution ;). Some of them just look so tempting! And then there are the promotions… and the treacherousย bundles from Amazon.

Here’s the effect of my buying (and receiving) month:


I realize most of these titles are in Polish and you might not recognize the covers. Here’s the list of my new precious books from left to right and you’ll find the bigger version of the covers in the little gallery bellow :). Some of them are really awesome!

City of Heavenly fire by Cassandra Clare – to be honest, I haven’t planned to buy this one, since I’ve only read the first volume by now and it will be some time before I’ll get to the sixth, but it was so cheap! It was just lying there in the box of books like it was some cheap crap…. It would be a crime not to free it from there!

Carve the mark by Veronica Roth – I haven’t actually bought this on! It was a gift, so I’m totally happy :D. Can’t wait to read it, right after I’ll finish Gemina.

Gemina by Amy Kaufman, Jay Kristoff [reading] – and since I’ve started talking about this one… I’m loving it! It even had an ASCI drawings of Viper Mk2 and Enterprise! And the drawings are lovely. Soooo happy!

Witcher: House of glass by Paul Tobin, Joe Querio [read] – I got it yesterday (it was also a gift) and read it today morning :D. I need a second volume. It had a perfect Witcher feel to it and… well, I think I’ll write a review for it ๐Ÿ˜›

Martian by Andy Weir [read] – and here it is, I finally found the hardcover version and I’ll re-read it this year and be happy again :D!

The real story of Captain Hook by Pierdomenico Baccalario – another one of the cheap book box finds. I admit I’m a bit skeptic about it, but I still want to read it and see what the author thought about Hook’s past.

Stardust by Neil Gaiman [read] – one of the awesome Gaiman stories I really like and want to re-read at some point and it will be easier now since I own a copy :P.

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman [read] – pretty much my favorite Gaiman book, so I just had to have it :D. And these covers look quite fantastic with all of these details entangled within the text. Details that connect to the story, so there are these little metro-like stops, a rat and a crow, the pillar-like pieces of text. It’s adorable!

American Gods by Neil Gaiman – and here’s one of the Gaiman’s books I haven’t read yet. Somehow I never got my hands on it, but since the movie will be out soon I feel the need to finally read the story :).

Myths and legends – an anthology by various authors – yeah, well, I got tempted by another 1$ bundle. It’s kind of a weakness, but if I’ll find even one book in here that I’ll like I’d say it was worth it :P.

What books did you get this month?

9 thoughts on “January’s sin list [what I bought and what I got]

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  2. bookheathen

    I have only bought one book in January – a new detective story by Ian Rankin, and I have two stories kindly sent me by the authors. But apart from that, I’m still catching up on what I missed reading during December.

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