Happy New Year!!!

There’s still few hours to go, but let’s face it – I won’t be staring at my PC during the party, so I’ll just put it out now πŸ˜€

Happy New Year 2017!

Let it be better than 2016 with plenty of happy events, lucky finds, awesome reads and fantastic people around you.


2016 challenges summary

Some of you might’ve remembered I wrote this long and not completely forgotten throughout the year post about my goals for this year. It seems fair to check what did I actually managed to do…

Let’s start with the more interesting ones and then move on to the boring numbers :P. I’ll try to write as little as possible, mostly because I feel like I failed…. but also not really…

Anyway, the things I wrote about in that post I’ve mentioned:

The bookish goals – 3 out of 5 passed

  • Buy more bookshelvesPass! Actually reorganizing the whole room into library/craft room so I’m totally proud of this one πŸ™‚
  • Reorganize my books – also Pass! It took me a while between putting the bookshelves together to actually organizing the books… like few months.
  • Separate the TBR pile from the rest – I’m marking it as Pass because I have a list of ALL the books and I’ve marked which I’ve read and which not, but they are all together on the shelves.
  • Get back to learning Japanese – massive Fail here :/ Well, there’s one goal to move on to next year πŸ˜‰
  • Achieve a positive buy-to-read ratio – and another massive Fail. No excuses. Well… all the promos…

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The boring, the bad and the dnf’d

Now that I shared with you my favorite books of the year it’s only fair to list some of the books that I found lacking… The good part is I’ve got all of these books for free one way or another, so no money lost at least ;). Maybe I should split them by source… Oh, and yet again, there’s no specific order, these are simply all the books bellow 2,5 stars and some DNF’s

Some of you will have a completely different opinion about these books, but I can’t help it if I don’t like them, so live with it πŸ˜‰ and feel free to share your thoughts!

The big unknown [Amazon freebies]Β 

Some of these $0 books look so tempting and it’s so easy to click and upload them to your Kindle. Some of them are even great, but I haven’t found any this year. Instead, I found few really uninteresting stories.

Cappuccinos, Cupcakes, and a Corpse Harper LinCappuccinos, Cupcakes, and a CorpseΒ by Harper Lin
cozy mystery, humor, contemporary

It might’ve been a fun read if the story progressed a bit faster into the mystery area, instead we’ve got two characters apparently trying to hang out and first glimpses of any mystery started at around page 70… DNF. Continue reading “The boring, the bad and the dnf’d”

2016’s goodies – the books I fell in love with

Looking back at my favorite reads from this year I have to say I’m rather surprised. Most of the books on that special shelf were from Fantasy genre and now I’ve got surprisingly many Sci-Fi novels. And it seems I’ve discovered a new love for cozy mysteries, especially by one author :D.

I wanted to make this list a “top-something” list (and surprisingly I’ve got 10 books to present, so it might’ve worked), but I can’t decide on the order, so instead I’ll just show off the few super-awesome books that really grabbed me this year and only this year – no re-reads.

A bit of a warning – this post is all about positive thoughts! There will be no whining, complaining, etc πŸ˜‰

lightLight byΒ Rob Cham
graphic novel, fantasy, children book, adventure

An adorable and lovely graphic novel without words and yet with a complete story and cute characters. I still want plushies of both characters! I should learn to sew… Continue reading “2016’s goodies – the books I fell in love with”