Top 5(ish) Wednesday: 2017 Goals

imgresIt seems this Top 5 Wednesday provides me with kind of a deadline to finally list my challenges :). I was bound to do it anyway, so here it goes. But since 5 is such a small number for a yearly challenge, so instead I’ll make five sets of them instead. Oh, and there will be statistics and graphics 😛

5. Bookish goals

Read more of the older books instead of all of the new stuff. New books are awesome, but I’m getting more and more behind with older books. I used to read many more stories published years ago and now… well here’s how my chart looks like for this year:


Read more books by the authors I liked. It seems I have a tendency to explore new books and authors instead of reading the series and single novels from the people I liked.

And since I’m talking about series – continue and/or finish some of the series, especially the ones that are already complete and that I own.


Format – read more paper books, mostly because I own way too many unread books, so I might as well say – read more of owned books :D. Continue reading “Top 5(ish) Wednesday: 2017 Goals”