2016 challenges summary

Some of you might’ve remembered I wrote this long and not completely forgotten throughout the year post about my goals for this year. It seems fair to check what did I actually managed to do…

Let’s start with the more interesting ones and then move on to the boring numbers :P. I’ll try to write as little as possible, mostly because I feel like I failed…. but also not really…

Anyway, the things I wrote about in that post I’ve mentioned:

The bookish goals – 3 out of 5 passed

  • Buy more bookshelvesPass! Actually reorganizing the whole room into library/craft room so I’m totally proud of this one πŸ™‚
  • Reorganize my books – also Pass! It took me a while between putting the bookshelves together to actually organizing the books… like few months.
  • Separate the TBR pile from the rest – I’m marking it as Pass because I have a list of ALL the books and I’ve marked which I’ve read and which not, but they are all together on the shelves.
  • Get back to learning Japanese – massive Fail here :/ Well, there’s one goal to move on to next year πŸ˜‰
  • Achieve a positive buy-to-read ratio – and another massive Fail. No excuses. Well… all the promos…

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