I solemnly swear…

I know all of you have already decided what your reading/blogging/writing goals should be for this year, but I’m kind of late with everything this month and I had to think what I want to do this year.

Goodreads Challenge

First of all – the Goodreads challenge :). Many of you knows it, many of you is participating. I admit, it’s not the smartest challenge, but it might be very motivating if you’ll set your goal right. Last year I set it to 500 reads. Wait!, I know it seems impossible, but wait, I have an explanation.

I’m using Goodreads to track all my bookish “reads” so it includes not only the actual novels but also all the BBC radio dramas, short stories, graphic novels, mangas, etc. If you’ll think about it 500 isn’t that much, it’s actually just enough to make it work throughout the year. Right now my Goodreads account says I “read” exactly 500 stories, but the truth is there are a bit more BBC dramas that I still haven’t added there. I’ll fix it during the year, just like I did a year ago :).

Anyway, this year I have the goal set to 300 as I intend to read more instead of listening, but I know I’ll have plenty of hours at work to manage all the BBC dramas I want to hear.


From this point on I had the whole post written down and then I had this wicked idea…. damn you mind! Sometimes I just wish I could turn it off :P.

Anyway, I usually choose challenges with an intention to finish them all and I think we all do right? But I figured – instead of making it an all-or-nothing challenge I will simply go for a score achievement. Here are the lists of more or less specific goals and the points I think would be appropriate for accomplishing each. At the end of this post you’ll see a summary with 3 levels I might be able to get.

I think setting my goals like this will motivate me to get more and more points each and every year :).

The A-Z challenges

1 point for each letter and 5 points for completing the alphabet
max 62 points for both challenges

Even though I failed miserably this year, I still intend to give it another go. I did it once, I can do it again!

For these of you who don’t know it, here are some rules (found on Goodreads):

Goal: Read a book that the TITLE / AUTHOR begins with every letter A to Z. The A, An and The don’t count.
*for U (Author challenge only), Q, X, Y, Z you can use any book with those letters in the title / in author’s name.
Duration: Jan 1st – Dec 31st, 2015

I’ve added Title / Author since I’m going for both 🙂 it’s more fun this way. And if you’re lucky enough, you can check two letters with one book – one author and one title.

I tried hard to skip the * note and I think this made me fail my challenge, but I wanted to be ambitious :P.

Netgalley and other review copy goals

1 point for each 3% closer to the target

netgalley_challenge_2015_120First of all – KEEP UP! I really need to get back on track with all the reads I requested and received. First of all – don’t let the publishing date be exceeded. I intend to request fewer books until I get a certain, reasonable percentage of Netgalley Feedback ratio, because what I have now is simply sad… I don’t know If I can reach 80%, but I will do my best to do so!

And each and every book received straight from the author has a priority over a Netgalley read unless the Netgalley read is soon to be published.

I still haven’t deleted this little note from my Review policy page saying that I’m currently not accepting new books. I’m behind schedule anyway.

Specific reading goals

1 point per cathegory, so It might happen I’ll get few points for one of the mentioned goals and none for the other. That also means no max points.

cat reading a bookNow this is a tough section, I’ve checked some reading challenges through Google (let’s face it, most of the links went straight to Goodreads) and I decided I won’t simply sign into one of these because none of them fit my needs. Here’s a list of books and book types I want to read.

  1. A paperback I own.
  2. One of my ebooks.
  3. A graphic novels.
  4. An audio book that’s been on my list way too long.
  5. Re-read one of my favorite books and review it, I really want to include Harry Potter and Witcher here.
  6. A book that won Goodreads Choice Award in 2015.
  7. Read a classic. The two I’ve got currently on my have-to-read list are “The Count of Monte Christo” and “The Picture of Dorian Grey”. The first one was on my list for ages and I really need to read it this year.
  8. A book that becomes a movie this year (like The 5th wave).
  9. A book I want to read because of a movie I’ve seen.
  10. A Fairytale retelling
  11. The story under 150 pages.
  12. A gift – a book I got from someone.
  13. A book read in a day.
  14. A big book – over 600 pages.
  15. A book published in 2016.
  16. A book and its prequel.
  17. Series finale.
  18. A murder mystery.
  19. A dystopian novel.
  20. Book bought because of the cover.
  21. A banned book.
  22. A story I stopped reading before, but actually want to finish.
  23. A series starter.
  24. Freebie I got from Amazon or Smashwords.
  25. One word title.
  26. An indie book.
  27. Pre-printing press – a book that was published before 1440.
  28. A non-superhero graphic novel.
  29. Manga.
  30. A graphic novel based on TV show / Movie / Game.
  31. A newly bought book (start reading within a month of purchase).
  32. A book based on mythology.
  33. Random book from my paper to-be-read pile.
  34. New to me author.
  35. Color cover fun – a book which cover is mainly one of these colors: white, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green, gray, black, brown.
  36. Around the world in books – check how many countries or US states I can visit through books. This one won’t be easy since I mostly read fantasy, but I’m curious to see what countries I can read through :). An extra rule – one book = one country, so I can’t simply use one book to travel around the world, I’d have to choose which country I’m using from a certain book if the action happens in more than one. – 1 point per country

Blogging goals

  • First of all – create a good schedule and hold on to it! I have the schedule almost ready, so there’s only the keeping part that needs to be done 🙂
  • Blog ahead – I just know I will want to have a blogging break sooner or later, so I want to have some posts ready to be published just for these occasions.
  • Comment more on other blogs.
  • Bring the Grimm back – maybe with some slower pace 3 instead of 5 stories per post. I don’t think I’ll start if this month, but I do intend to bring these weekly posts back.
  • Try to get an actual paper ARC :D.
  • Have a good time and don’t stress out!


Other bookish goals:

max 5 points for the last goal, others don’t count 😉

  • Buy more bookshelves :D. Yes, no books but bookshelves. That’s what I need. Always.
  • Reorganize my books. Because they really can’t stay as they are now. Total chaos. Well, almost total. But if even I have a hard time with finding a certain book it’s not good!
  • Separate the TBR pile from the rest. Since my books are rather piled on each other they mixed up with time and I really need to fix that. I guess this point, as well as the 2nd, can be done only after I’ll purchase new bookshelves.
  • Get back to learning Japanese. But not like I did it last year. I tried to learn as many kanji as I could and I indeed have learned to recognize and write all of the grade 1 and most of grade 2 kanjis. But that doesn’t work so well since I haven’t learned how to pronounce them. This year I have a different goal – learn one kanji at a time but learn it all – from the meaning, through the writing to the pronunciation. Full set.
    You might ask how is it a “bookish” goal. It’s simple – I want to learn Japanese to read manga in original :D!
  • Achieve a positive buy-to-read ratio, in other words – read more books than buy. This will not be easy to keep, but I’ll try. – 5 points here

Well, that’s it. I hope I’ll meet my goals. I’ll let you know when I’ll have some updates :).challenge-accepted

Levels of accomplishment

It’s actually not easy to set these, but since I promised I will it will go like this:

Level 1: A good start – 60 points

Level 2: Way to go! – 90 points

Level 3: Awesome!!! – 120 points

Btw… this post looks long… maybe my goals are a bit too ambitious, but I’ll do my best to fulfill my goals by the end of 2016. After all, we all have one extra day this year :D.

They should make it a day off especially since we won’t get paid for this one extra day at work :P.

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