2016 challenges summary

Some of you might’ve remembered I wrote this long and not completely forgotten throughout the year post about my goals for this year. It seems fair to check what did I actually managed to do…

Let’s start with the more interesting ones and then move on to the boring numbers :P. I’ll try to write as little as possible, mostly because I feel like I failed…. but also not really…

Anyway, the things I wrote about in that post I’ve mentioned:

The bookish goals – 3 out of 5 passed

  • Buy more bookshelvesPass! Actually reorganizing the whole room into library/craft room so I’m totally proud of this one πŸ™‚
  • Reorganize my books – also Pass! It took me a while between putting the bookshelves together to actually organizing the books… like few months.
  • Separate the TBR pile from the rest – I’m marking it as Pass because I have a list of ALL the books and I’ve marked which I’ve read and which not, but they are all together on the shelves.
  • Get back to learning Japanese – massive Fail here :/ Well, there’s one goal to move on to next year πŸ˜‰
  • Achieve a positive buy-to-read ratio – and another massive Fail. No excuses. Well… all the promos…

Blogging goals – 2 out of 6 passed

  • Create a good schedule and hold on to itFail! I did it for a while and then everything crashed rapidly…
  • Blog ahead – bwahaha, another massive Fail! I’ve scheduled at best few hours ahead… maybe few days.
  • Comment more on other blogs – let’s face it, I Failed here too.
  • Bring the Grimm back – aaaand another Fail… this is not going well
  • Try to get an actual paper ARC – actually, I got one! but since I was offered it, I don’t know if I should count it… but I want to, so Pass!
  • Have a good time and don’t stress out – I count this as Pass. Many things stressed me out this year, but blogging was still fun :). Plus you guys are awesome!

NetGalley closer to 80%

well… I did manage to raise my Feedback ratio by 19%, but it’s still way too small, so I’ll be counting it as a Fail :/

Goodreads challenge

That’s a Pass :). The curious ones can check my Goodreads Challenge page.

The big list of small challengesΒ 

The detailed list of this and next challenges can be found on my 2016 yearly challenge page, so I’ll only put a short summary here πŸ™‚

I had 35 small challenges here and one “around the world” with one point per country, so to sum it up I managed to finish 31 of these goals and “visit” 12Β countries (US, UK, Japan, China, France, Austria, Brazil, Czech, Greece, Italy, Poland, Russia). I’d say that’s a Pass :P.

The A-Z challenges – 46 out of 52 letters

Well, I don’t count these as pass if I won’t mark ALL the letters, so yet another year I have to mark both of these as Fail. Yet again I failed with V, X, Z at title challenge and with I, Q, U, X, Y, Z at authors

To sum it up, I Passed about 50% of my challenges. It could’ve been worse. I’ll work on some of these next year.

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