Reading challenges

I thought it’s about time that I share my Goodreads challenges with you. I’ve got two ongoing plus the “Read xxx books” but I don’t count this one really as it includes everything I mark on GR as Read throughout the year (short stories, BBC dramatizations, manga, etc).

In the two challenges, I’m going to share with you I only use the unabridged novels I read or listened to or manga series if I read at least 2-3 volumes of them.


Both of those are the A-Z type. Theoretically you can use some random letters instead of q, x, y and z ones as English language doesn’t seem to have too many words starting with those and even less that were used to start book titles, but I only use this excuse at the end of the year when it seems I won’t make it :P.

I put English titles in square brackets just in case. Each has a link to Goodreads.

The A-Z Title challenge

(ignore: “the”, “an” and “a” at the beginning of titles):

The A-Z Author challenge

(you can use names or surname for this):

take_the_challengeOK, so I might cheat a little when it goes to title translations 😀 I use Polish titles for most of my paper books, but for some I used the original ones because they fit a certain letter ;).

As you can see I still have some books to read to finish these lists 🙂 I hope I’ll make it just like last year (reading graphic novels during Christmas season ended it).

TV-Kitty-icon2Do you participate in any reading challenges?

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