Vacations – what will I remember

Well hello there my dear friends!

I hope you had a nice time those last two weeks. I certainly did. I also had much less reading time than I anticipated, but I have no regrets :D.

Whether you want it or not I’m going to write a little bit about my trip, so you could maybe feel like you might want to come where I’ve been, see what I’ve seen.

Poland is a great place to visit. So many different places, various landscapes, beautiful cities.

This year I traveled where I haven’t been for ages – to our pretty, but not a very warm sea. I do prefer mountains, but as I wrote before – I wanted to get lazy and rest.

I think I don’t know how to be lazy….

Here are some photos for you. Click on any of them to open gallery and see the description. I’ll write few words bellow the gallery too.

Obviously it all started with packing, but you won’t see any pictures from that, although I have made one that shows how much place that huge book takes inside my suitcase. I hate packing. I always make at least two lists to check if I took everything and yet I always forget about some little thing. At least it’s good if it’s a not necessary item ;). This time I forgot about packing more tea… and a teaspoon. Luckily I wasn’t alone and my friend saved me :D.

After the not very long journey, we were finally able to get to our sleeping spot and choose better room of two since the rest of the party wasn’t there yet. And by better I mean the one with a terrace. That ensured us lots of visits from other rooms.

Going on vacations with a bigger group is awesome. First of all – if you want to have fun there’s plenty of you, you don’t have to look for some strangers to join you. You can also split into groups if a part of you doesn’t want to go somewhere and still have someone to accompany you. And finally – you can have this little bit time for yourself because others will be busy with each other anyway. I usually went with up to 2 people on my vacations (school camps do not count) and we usually kept together since there were so few of us. This year it was awesome. I liked it 🙂

But I’m wondering instead of telling you: Continue reading “Vacations – what will I remember”