Poll results for my next read

The day has come to finally close the voting poll and see the results :). It seems you had a hard time choosing, but here it is:

And the winner is:

Shakespeare’s Landlord by Charlaine Harris!


As you can see “Bible of the Dead” came close.

I’ll start reading the winning book this week. I have “Salem’s Fury” to finish and it’s really hard to put it down :).

As a matter of break, let’s talk about the “Shakespeare’s Landlord” covers. Yes, I admit I’m one of those people who like pretty covers and might buy a book because of it.

As with most of the books, this one has various covers depending on who published it. I’ve got a PL edition (obviously since it’s not an e-book), but there’re plenty of English ones to choose from and also some other languages. I found all of these on Goodreads:

TV-Kitty-icon2Which one do you like best?

I kind of like the Polish cover but the French one really grabs my attention, I think it’s the skull ;).