Top 5 Wednesday – Title Fonts on Covers

imgresToday’s Top 5 are title fonts! For someone like me that’s quite a catchy theme. I love pretty covers and fonts are an integral part them. Add to that using different paint textures for parts of the cover and I’m on it ;). Yes, that’s where a physical copy of a book is better.

But I’m rambling here, let’s get to the item at hand…

Wow, choosing only those few was hard! I’m listing them with numbers, but the truth is, they are all equally awesome 😀


Dziewiąty magSimple, yet effective. An almost normal font with some extra lines here and there to make it look great.

“The ninth mage” – again my translation of the title. The first book of the Polish fantasy trilogy with mages, warriors, elves and most of all – dragons. I simply love this series! It’s perfect! I think I’m going to write a review of it…


CoralineLook at this adorable font. It’s even themed perfectly with the button where the “o” should be. Cute one. And this cover is adorable too.

Coraline is one of Neil Gaiman’s books about a girl, who moves to a new house and finds the a new, better version of her family. She has to decide if she wants to join them forever. Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday – Title Fonts on Covers”