Are you up for a little scare?

If you’re in a mood for a short and creepy reads I’ve got just the thing! Two 16-page reads, I’d say perfect for a fast read before sleep, but I don’t think I’d recommend these two as a bed-reads ;). Unless you want some nightmares to follow.

Author: Calvin Demmer

I received both stories from the author in exchange for an honest review.

hungry-ghostsHungry Ghosts

My rating: star-full-iconstar-full-iconstar-full-iconstar-full-iconstar-empty-icon

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A couple travels to China during Ghost festival. It seems like a harmless holiday for them, but townspeople take things seriously and for a reason. It doesn’t take long for Ray and Lara to get into troubles.

What will you find here? A short introduction to the couple’s situation, fast action scenes, creepy bloodthirsty ghosts. This story will be enough to make you think twice about breaking any holiday rules when you’re abroad ;).

labor-day-huntLabor Day Hunt

My rating: star-full-iconstar-full-iconstar-full-iconstar-empty-iconstar-empty-icon

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If only Jared didn’t need the money he wouldn’t have answered this damned advert promising fast cash on Labor Day. It was supposed to be a fast and easy job.

Nothing is fast and easy when you suddenly get thrown into a vampire fight.

Story’s fast pacing was perfect for this story, I think It matched Jared’s feelings since he was thrown into this horrid situation just as fast as you read about it. The idea was great and rather original, but I got kind of detached when the limbs started to fall off… But if you don’t mind that then check it out, it’s quite good.

If you’re a person who likes being scared from time to time and doesn’t mind some gory scenes Calvin’s tales are just for you!

TV-Kitty-icon2What are your thoughts when it goes to short and scary reads? Do you have some favorites? Or maybe you’re avoiding them like fire?

I think I’m not good with gory tales. I’ve noticed that when the bloody descriptions come up there comes this moment of detachment. It’s like a switch being turned off and instead of keeping my attention and following the events I’m just reading the text and pretty much ignore what’s happening. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism? My mind doesn’t care for this kind of information. So horror tales – sure, but gory – not so much.

8 thoughts on “Are you up for a little scare?

  1. I was just about to say, hey! I just read mini reviews of these 2 books over at Liis’ blog :D. With the same ratings indeed!

    I have it the other way around when it comes to gore, I tune out when it’s too scary with ghosts because I don’t want to get sucked into it and lie awake all night thinking my house is haunted or something. Chopping off arms and such, bring it on! 😉

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    1. 😀 I kind of don’t care about it in movies – it just seems ridiculous most of the time and ghosts (if well made) can really scare you, but for books – it’s just as I wrote.


  2. I rated both stories the same as you. I liked the Hungry Ghosts a bit better.

    I think if LDH wouldn’t have had … these characters as ‘villains’ I may have liked it a bit more… I honestly thought there was going to be cannibalism or something! 😀

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      1. Yes, I think the ending was kind of the best part about that story… it was open ended and depending on personal preference the reader could decide whether they want Jared to conk or not.

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