Monthly summary – August

This month has been half lazy and half reading break. Well, I did try to make up for all the days without books, so I kind of speed up my reading and ended up with the amount you’ll see bellow. It helped that I used many types of reads :).

So what did I accomplish in June?

  • Finished 19 stories: 3 graphic novels, 5 short stories, 5 audio books, 6 novels. Together a rather nice 3962 pages. I’m back on track! And 7 of these were finished or read during the last sunny weekend!
  • Average rating: 3.6
  • But the most important part of this month were my vacations :D. You know, the two weeks during which my blog was so silent and I was barely responsive :P. I had some good time biking, kayaking, gaming (board games are awesome!), sightseeing.
    Pity it always ends so fast.
    And even though I published so little this month, I still have almost as many visits from you guys as I had last month!
    You guys are fantastic!

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My unusual reads in August

This month seemed to a month of experimental reads. Mostly due to SYNC. After my vacations were over and I wanted to make up for the hours without books I’ve started reading and listening like crazy (well, for me anyway). I finished some of the books I was “reading”, I’ve listened to some of the SYNC audiobooks, read few shorter and longer stories that were waiting for review for ages. Right now I’m hoping to finish “Bone Gap” (also audio) which I also wouldn’t pick up if not for SYNC [btw… the narrator has no idea how to read Polish and I have a feeling the author had a very little idea either… it’s almost as bad as watching the last X-Men movie. Almost].

Anyway, I just wanted to point out my odd reads and give a short summary of my thought about them :).

OnceOnce by Morris Gleitzman

A war story about a Jewish boy who ventures to find his parents.

At first, Felix annoyed me, his naivety was horrible, but let’s face it – he’s just a child. Continue reading “My unusual reads in August”

A wonderful wordless story

The Lion (Love #3)The Lion (Love #3) by Frédéric Brrémaud, Federico Bertolucci

My rating: star-full-iconstar-full-iconstar-full-iconstar-full-iconstar-empty-icon

Goodreads | Amazon

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

From Goodreads blurb:

Both heartwarming and heartbreaking, this volume focuses on a solitary Lion as it wanders the plains of Africa, handling the daily hunt, and vicious rivalry, without a Pride of its own. The circle of Life takes center stage in a world where predator and prey trade places on a regular basis, and Family is something worth fighting – and dying – for.

I admit, I didn’t know exactly what I was signing up for while picking up this story, but I’m happy I did it. It was an interesting experience and I’d like to repeat it with the other two volumes of “Love”.

The authors had a wonderful idea to use only images to tell the story. After all, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Continue reading “A wonderful wordless story”

Fantastic continuation and a great cast of characters

Oh gosh, have you read the first book already? You really should’ve because this one is even better!

And yes, it will still leave you shocked and possibly crying.

Heroes and ThievesHeroes or Thieves (Steps of Power #2) by J.J. Sherwood

My rating: star-full-iconstar-full-iconstar-full-iconstar-full-iconstar-full-icon

Goodreads | Amazon | Author interview

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

From Goodreads blurb:

War is the action taken to determine who has strength enough to live, and who has strength enough to die. Death can be the gateway to victory, but not all men are brave enough to face this truth.

The world is struggling to survive under the new, ruthless king. The evil necromancer at Saebellus’s command destroy’s potential elven allies.
The sole survivors of the last battle for Savrigel embark to Ryekarayn to stop the necromancer. But they can’t do it themselves, can they? And can their friendship survive?
The king’s beast escapes and even two experienced hunters have trouble killing it. Or maybe him? Is he really just a mindless killing machine?
Alvena – the only witness to king Hairem’s death is caught by Saebellis’s army and brought back to her homeland. Will Ilsevel get her hands on the innocent girl?

These are just some questions that might or might not get answered in the next part of J.J. Sherwood’s fantastic series. One thing is sure – your journey through this book will be adventurous and exciting. Continue reading “Fantastic continuation and a great cast of characters”