2016’s goodies – the books I fell in love with

Looking back at my favorite reads from this year I have to say I’m rather surprised. Most of the books on that special shelf were from Fantasy genre and now I’ve got surprisingly many Sci-Fi novels. And it seems I’ve discovered a new love for cozy mysteries, especially by one author :D.

I wanted to make this list a “top-something” list (and surprisingly I’ve got 10 books to present, so it might’ve worked), but I can’t decide on the order, so instead I’ll just show off the few super-awesome books that really grabbed me this year and only this year – no re-reads.

A bit of a warning – this post is all about positive thoughts! There will be no whining, complaining, etc 😉

lightLight by Rob Cham
graphic novel, fantasy, children book, adventure

An adorable and lovely graphic novel without words and yet with a complete story and cute characters. I still want plushies of both characters! I should learn to sew… Continue reading “2016’s goodies – the books I fell in love with”

What happened in September [Monthly summary]

Seeing all those kids going to school makes me think of one thing – can’t they start lessons earlier and not overcrowd my train! Seriously, vacations were so beautiful – plenty of space to sit on and the trains were even on time more often, and now… Damn the next months will be hard.

Plus it’s cold. I don’t like when it’s cold. I’m getting sick and I don’t like it. The sun is still there, it just doesn’t warm you up anymore.

Do I sound depressed already? 😉

Anyway, it’s not so bad, but I already miss hot summer, especially since we had so little of it this year. And I’ll have a motivation to dust off some of these paperbacks to read on the cold – Kindle doesn’t like cold weather ;).

In other news:

  • There are now over 500 people following my humble blog!
  • I finally managed to un-mess my bookshelves! Oh yes, they are in order now. You have no idea how easy it is to find the book you’re looking for when you know the order. Fantastic! [I wonder how long will it last]
  • In addition to my little library cleanup, I’ve listed all my books, right now I’ve got 470 books :D.
  • I watched all of the Big Fat Quizzes again… Yup, I like them and I’m not ashamed to admit it. And bad dong to you if you haven’t seen them! [a little hint – youtube has them all]
  • From the gaming life – Victor Vran is a fun game if you like to smash things while listening to a quirky narrator who apparently doesn’t like you :P. Kind of a crossover between Diablo and Bastion.


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Beware the cuteness

I thought after yesterday’s horror stories I’ll give you something cute and cuddly [and yet without penguins] to sort of keep the balance ;).

lightLight by Rob Cham

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I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

“Light” is a lovely adventure story about a little guy who journeys to find these little crystals his map shows. There will be monsters, friendship, unexpected meetings and a journey. Sort of like Hobbit, but cuter and with fewer dwarves ;). Just kidding here.

Let me just tell you one thing: this book is freaking ADORABLE! I loved every bit of it. From the very first pages that just begged to end up as a coloring book. Continue reading “Beware the cuteness”