A bit of an off-time

Hello everyone 🙂

Sorry for being silent the last few days, I’ve got some home renovation finishing stuff, so I was too busy to write :). I’ve been reading shorter stories lately and listening to BBC shows. “Hood” was pretty good, I loved this version, if you haven’t listened to it yet – there are still few more days to do so :). Now I’m onto “Neverwhere” again 😀 It’s great!

A Reaper of Stone novellas by Mark Gelineau and Joe King are pretty good, I’ll quite a review as soon as I’ll finish the second one in series.

I’ve also got Pieces of Hate by Tim Lebbon, I was counting on another book with pirates, but when I’ve started reading it I realized that what I got was the first part of the series… I do hope the second one is there too. For now, I’m not too fond of it. It’s a western with a demon… it feels like the author was inspired by The Dark Tower series by Stephen King (which I didn’t like). It’s not bad, it’s actually well written, I just can’t get into it.

That’s all for now :). Have a great day and see you next time!

BBC Thursday 3rd of March


As promised last week I’ve got some treats for you this time 🙂 I hope you’ll like them as much as I did.


1. The Children of Witchwood by Wally K. Daly

Jackie Lamont, a student at a local college, goes missing mysteriously. And when she reappears, just as mysteriously, she seems to have somehow been given special telepathic powers.

Meanwhile, the Cranford Family have guarded a secret for hundreds of years – and Jackie Lamont is a threat.

But BQ Brown of the Ministry of Defence is investigating a possible link between the burning of six children as witches in the 17th century and Jackie’s disappearance.


BBC Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Goodreads

Day left: 13
Duration: 30 min | 5 episodes aired weekly on Sunday
Rating: ★★★★☆

For a start a story of witches, magic and mystery. It’s a bit scary, good if you’re in need of something like this :). I’ve listened to it about two years ago and I’m thinking of doing it again.
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Top 5 Wednesday – Fictional Cities

imgresTo be honest, this week’s topic was supposed to be Top 5 books you did not finish, but how can I put those books to top 5 if I didn’t like them? That’s why I decided to go with the topic I missed since I signed up for T5W later – Fictional cities.

This week there will be little text and a lot of images :D. Click on the images to see the source.


The Third City from the Ninth Mage chronicles I couldn’t find a perfect picture for this one. Imagine a city in the style of the one on the left picture with a mages tower that’s more or less like the one on the right with barracks filled not only with soldiers of various races but most of all – dragons and with pegasus being the main means of transport.

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