Lovely graphic, but how’s the story?

Hello people! I know this will be something I don’t talk much about, mostly because I don’t read as many mangas as I’d like to, but today is the day! Here are few titles I’ve started reading last year (and maybe a bit before that) and I’d like to write just a few words about each of them. Check it out and maybe you’ll be able to give me some recommendations on what I should pick up next?

devils-and-realistDevils and Realist, Vol. 1 by Madoka Takadono, Utako Yukihiro

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Curious to the point, but in the end, I wasn’t impressed. I did like the style, but I had an issue with all but one bad “guys” looking way too girly. I don’t mind seeing this from time to time, it can be rather enjoyable, but if even the characters notice that it must be kind of weird.
To sum it up: fun, but I won’t be reading the whole series. Continue reading “Lovely graphic, but how’s the story?”

2016’s goodies – the books I fell in love with

Looking back at my favorite reads from this year I have to say I’m rather surprised. Most of the books on that special shelf were from Fantasy genre and now I’ve got surprisingly many Sci-Fi novels. And it seems I’ve discovered a new love for cozy mysteries, especially by one author :D.

I wanted to make this list a “top-something” list (and surprisingly I’ve got 10 books to present, so it might’ve worked), but I can’t decide on the order, so instead I’ll just show off the few super-awesome books that really grabbed me this year and only this year – no re-reads.

A bit of a warning – this post is all about positive thoughts! There will be no whining, complaining, etc 😉

lightLight by Rob Cham
graphic novel, fantasy, children book, adventure

An adorable and lovely graphic novel without words and yet with a complete story and cute characters. I still want plushies of both characters! I should learn to sew… Continue reading “2016’s goodies – the books I fell in love with”

When Halloween meets Christmas

What do you do when you see a bookish version of one of your favorite movies? You reach for it and start reading hoping it will be good, which is exactly what I did when I’ve seen Nightmare before Christmas on NetGalley.

disney-manga-tim-burtons-nightmare-before-christmasDisney Manga Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas by Jun Asuka

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

If you know the movie [and you really should] you’ll know exactly what this manga is about. If however, for some strange reason, you have never heard of Nightmare before Christmas here’s what it is about:

Jack, the Pumpkin King, the scary master of Halloween is pretty much having a breakdown ;). By an accident, he discovers doorways to other holidays, especially the upcoming Christmas and decides it would be wonderful to change profession and become Sandy Claws (also known as Santa). Obviously, now everything goes according to plan [I sooo wrote that with a Corpse Bride tune in my head]. Continue reading “When Halloween meets Christmas”

What happened in October [Monthly summary]

This month’s summary not only comes a few days later than usual, but it will also be rather short as autumn grabbed a hold on me and my laziness went sky-high.

The bookish statistics

  • Finished a shameful 13 stories: 1 novel, 1 graphic novel, 11 mangas, together 2966 pages.
  • Average rating: 4.6 which again doesn’t mean much with all the 5-star Naruto books. I just can’t rate them differently!

In other news:

  • Have I mentioned being lazy? So not much in this section for now :). I hope I’ll have something better next time.
  • I love playing D&D as a monk! They are freaking awesome! Although, I do miss spells on my list and running straight to an enemy is not really my style. But it’s still lots of fun.
  • And no, my warlock haven’t died, she’s still being her evil self and having fun with it :P.
  • A certain manga shop had a promo… so I got more manga to read 😀
  • I have tons of unread posts from you guys… I probably won’t manage to read them all, but don’t be surprised to see some movement on your month-old posts ;P
  • My last days of October were spent mostly playing AC VI: Syndicate which is surprisingly better than Unity, but don’t expect a particular storyline – there is one, but it’s both chaotic (lost among all the sidequests) and very vague. Still, the game has some fun elements that make the series enjoyable again, like Evie and zip line!

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