2016’s goodies – the books I fell in love with

Looking back at my favorite reads from this year I have to say I’m rather surprised. Most of the books on that special shelf were from Fantasy genre and now I’ve got surprisingly many Sci-Fi novels. And it seems I’ve discovered a new love for cozy mysteries, especially by one author :D.

I wanted to make this list a “top-something” list (and surprisingly I’ve got 10 books to present, so it might’ve worked), but I can’t decide on the order, so instead I’ll just show off the few super-awesome books that really grabbed me this year and only this year – no re-reads.

A bit of a warning – this post is all about positive thoughts! There will be no whining, complaining, etc 😉

lightLight by Rob Cham
graphic novel, fantasy, children book, adventure

An adorable and lovely graphic novel without words and yet with a complete story and cute characters. I still want plushies of both characters! I should learn to sew… Continue reading “2016’s goodies – the books I fell in love with”

Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Villains

imgresLast day of the month and the topic is – Villains! All there annoying, evil, plotting baddies out there. The ones that want to take over the world, destroy it, steal everything, manipulate others. The ones that we hate or the ones that we just can’t help but like even with everything they’ve done. What are your chosen baddies?

5. Islington

A certain angel from Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. And if you haven’t read this story yet then this is a spoiler, but seriously you had plenty of time to do so by now :P.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the idea of an imprisoned angel who plots to get out. Aaaand if you listened to the BBC adaptation Islington was played by Cumberbatch and it was AWESOME!

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Top 5 Wednesday – Books You Want to See as TV Shows

imgresIt’s so hard to choose just 5! Seriously, today’s topic should rather be a top 50 not just 5 ;). I’d start with the stories that technically have tv-shows already, but they are not good enough, but maybe I’ll skip these. Well, except one that most fans agree NEVER HAPPENED! And the movie too. But they’ll make a better one (I hope), so let’s move on and hope for the best. Oh, and I’m talking about the first place here 😉


river-godAncient Egypt
series by Wilbur Smith. I’d love to see a good adventure series Indiana Jones-like and that’s exactly what Smiths series is. Starting in ancient Egypt (which I can’t resist) and moving on to modern times, discovering some ancient mysteries. I love this series! And I’d love to watch some cool recreation of ancient Egypt.

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The Bohemian Rhapsody Book Tag!

I found this tag on Kat’s blog – The impossible girl blog and decided I really need to do that! Well, it took me a while, but here it goes :D. Aaand I’m gonna have this song stuck in my head again. At least it’s a good one 😀

1. Mama, just killed a man – A fictional character’s death that really upset you?

There’s just one that goes through my mind right now, at least just one that I still can’t believe is dead. I probably shouldn’t mention it yet, or at least everyone who haven’t read “Heroes or Thieves” shouldn’t know about it yet, but here it goes, written in white so only the super curious ones who don’t mind spoilers will read: Continue reading “The Bohemian Rhapsody Book Tag!”